Irene and fear-mongering and galactics and causality

I just spent about 15 minutes reading comments on various blogs and . . . — I can say now that at least some of the scuttlebutt is that Irene, now downgraded from Category 1 hurricane to a mere tropical storm, is not and never was that big a deal, despite the dire MSM adjectives used to describe it, and massive federal, state, city, transportation and military preparations for it.

So what’s up? Did the galactics mitigate the energy of this storm? Steve Beckow thinks so, and calls their “taming it” an example of “subtle disclosure.” Or was this storm, despite its size (“as big as western Europe!!!” “wings 500 miles wide”!!!) just fear-mongering hype in the first place? Lots of people think so, and even ridicule the coverage, noting major discrepancies between NOAA reported wind speeds and other weather sources.

Today — but not yesterday, when I too stood in the eye of fear’s hurricane, and so, naturally, sought out other types of sources — is when I started to read blogs from two or three days ago where people were ridiculing this storm as not nearly what the NOAA was predicting for it, that the continuous hype on it, including from President Obama statement that it was likely to be “historic,” is just one more example of the cabal keeping the sheeple amped up on terror so they’ll be begging for “help” and to be “saved” by the ever growing “security” forces of the PTB.

Well, maybe it’s a little of both. Maybe the galactics did help to mitigate this storm which, however, was probably being used (and perhaps even created, directed) by those who would make us all afraid for their own purposes. All those eerie coincidences that I noted in yesterday’s post still stand, however. And now I’m curious: will that bank holiday that I read about somewhere still occur tomorrow, Monday? A Reuters report this morning says stock markets will most likely open as usual. From photos, it appears that there’s been only minor flooding in Manhattan, so it would be hard to justify a so-called bank holiday from weather alone.

Maybe there’s been a weather war going on during the entire storm, galactics versus the illuminati, say, like jealous Greek gods of old fighting one another above while we mere mortals cower in ignorance in rain and wind and hype below. You see where my mind runs. Still running. Still trying to make sense of what seems inexplicable and very very weird. An excerpt from a comment from yesterday’s post resonates:

” . . . just so many things do not add up. Mostly I find it incredibly odd, that the media didn’t fly with the whole earthquake/hurricane deal, which we so know those fearmongers love to do.. and here they have not one but 2 rare events, and only discuss one? In fact we had an aftershock a day or so ago.. I didn’t even know about it, I came across it on the BBC news site! Not to mention the live news casters “on the scene” telling us how strong the winds are..when the trees behind them are not even moving. For us, it has been steady mild – med rain all day and mild – med winds. We are a tad inland though, but still in the projected path. There are more things that do not add up.. like you suggested..well, it is just too much to figure out!

“Meditations have increased lately though.. and definitely working through the heart.”

Full confession (I’m a recovering Catholic, so confessions come easy): my ego feels somewhat battered by its realization that my own fear-state got the best of me yesterday. I notice a subtle feeling of shame, which I attach to the idea of “being wrong.” Huh? Wrong? But I didn’t come to any conclusions. And even if I did, what’s that about? Where does self-blame and self-judgment come from? Well of course (yawn . . ., I am so so very tired of having to “work my stuff, sit in my stuff”), back to my German catholic childhood and the need to be perfect drilled into me, not as a goal but as an expectation. Of course I would be perfect. And to be perfect meant to figure it all out, to be able to mirror reality exactly as I move throught it, or better: to mirror what’s going to happen before it does. To get everything right, so that I might never be surprised. So that nothing new would ever happen to me! So that I would be dead before I even began to live. . . .

I actually wrote my entire doctoral dissertation 40 years ago on the pernicious effects of the ubiquitous, Cartesian, “I think, therefore I am.”

Of course all this “thinking” is just so much malarkey. Interesting that I am still, at 68 years of age, at times seduced by it. And even now, the internal “shame” I still feel when I “don’t get it right” is part of its residue. Though this morning my mind has shifted, my body, and the feelings it harbors, moves sluggishly. My conscious self, mind and spirit: Sun (and Ascendant) in mutable Sagittarius; my subconscious inner child self and her emotions: Moon in fixed Taurus. Very difficult to integrate these two aspects of my being, the more dominant Sagittarian Sun lightning fast and hurtling forward, while yoked to the slow, sensuous, security oriented, stubbornly clinging to the familiar Taurus Moon. As I used to tell that Moon part of me when working through a long-running core addiction to cigarettes: “you feel so awful because to you a known bad is better than an unknown good.”

So today, we have the “known bad” not being as bad as “feared,” and we don’t really know “why.” And yet (here comes the philosophical Sagittarian part . . .) the idea of causality, the notion that things must have causes, that any single thing can be isolated from the flux, and be pushed from behind, i.e., caused, by any other single thing also isolated from the flux, which then, is also caused, by something else separated from the flux, etc. etc. back forever, a series of causes and their effects (originating in what? As Wittgenstein, my favorite philosopher put it, “It’s hard to go back to the beginning and not go further back?) is part and parcel of the linear 3D story line that we’ve been telling ourselves for thousands of years. No wonder we have to think about the beginning as a “big bang.” Let’s just get it over with! Be done with it! Big bang to begin, and hey, maybe another big bang to go out, if we, as humans, continue in our current mad rush to self-destruction.

How about this: might we, instead, begin to meditate on the Buddhist view of “dependent origination,” i.e., see/feel the phenomena constantly arising and falling together, all as one in its motion and in its changes? With this shift in perception, with this relaxation into being, our story lines that look for and therefore find chains of causality fall apart, fade into just so many hilarious posits in the bounding void.

It’s the Sagittarian ego part of me, the part of me that “wants to know” and badly, so that I can be right, so that I can feel intellectually certain and emotionally secure, so that I can use that “rightness” as one more step up some kind of ladder that would ultimately lift me above the flux . . . ah, but I’m still Taurus Moon, living and breathing all of it, my rightness, my shame, my awareness of the machinations of my small proud mind, my bottom sitting here on its perch hands clicking on keys, my little dog chewing happily on a bone at my feet, the sun bathing green with gold outside the window, a breeze caressing bare shoulders, the sounds of silence and of summer’s crickets, cicadas, birds, a sunny summery Sunday morning, one more glorious day in this mysterious paradise that I, and we, still do swim in together, all sharing the same fate, while foolishly thinking ourselves separate, and alone, and special, right, or wrong, joyful or ashamed . . . Aaaaaah, this life, this long slow loving crotchety embrace of the whole . . . Thank you, thank you, thank you. For all of it. Amen.

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