Interviewed on local WFHB public radio, I’m secretly worried about having gotten “too intense.”

544930_511465025568508_705737003_aWhen I was a kid, whenever I’d rev up and “get intense,” my sweet Libra Mother would bat me down: “Who do you think you are?” she’d exclaim, incensed. I know she meant well. She didn’t want her fiery double-Sagittarian daughter to stick out. Why? Probably because on an unconscious level, she didn’t want me to become a target.

Too late, Ma!

Months ago I ran into my friend Joy at the Farmer’s Market. She was helping out at the booth for our legendary local WFHB public radio station. Joy also happens to be one of my exopermaculture readers, and so we talked for awhile; then she introduced me to her friend Emily, who has beautiful grey pig tails!

Turns out that Emily also lived in Boston during the late ’60s and early ’70s. We both felt the ferment, but led very different lives. She played drums for professional gigs; I was in graduate school with two small children. Emily has just started to do hour-long interviews for the hour-long Interchange program on WFHB. She asked me to be her guest. Ours was only her second interview, and she hopes she did well in trying to keep me on track. Hard to do, since for me, everything’s connected. At some point even I will listen to this audio, but meanwhile, I have a sneaky suspicion that I got a little intense there for awhile. Emily tells me it aired yesterday. No feedback so far.

Interchange – Ann Kreilkamp: EcoLiving in Bloomington

This week on Interchange, host Emily Jackson interviews Ann Kreilkamp for the hour. Ms. Kreilkamp discusses living in an ecologically sustainable way at the Green Acres Neighborhood Ecovillage as well as gardening, philosophy, and UFOs.

Download audio file

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  1. (y) Your intensity is normal. It’s this world that has become a bit dull!

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