Intentional Tornadoes? and more —

Check today’s post from, weather sleuth extraordinaire . . .

4/4/2012: I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

And see this:

Tornadoes targeting Metropolitan America 2012

The “more” of the title to this piece is relatively minor, but still weird. Was out in the GANG garden weeding yesterday afternoon with neighbor Lucy, and iphotoed these, different portions of the sky, taken one after the other at the same time.

Lucy wondered why I was doing it, and when I told her looked astonished. Another synchronicity: she said that she had been noticing weird clouds yesterday, that they did not look natural, and wondered why. I filled her in on chem trails, HAARP, and possible ET clean-up activities. For more on the subject, see this and this and this.

P.S. After near obsessive sky-watching lately, my poor neck! Sure felt good to look down instead, at tiny, perfect wildflowers last Saturday . . .

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