Infiltration goes both ways: Antifa one way, police the other way?

For years now, Qanon has been repeating this phrase, “infiltration not invasion.” But of course, infiltration goes both ways. And from what Q now says, the “mapping” of Antifa has been ongoing for years.

Meanwhile, it’s crucial that these two-year-old-temper-tantrum Antifa kids not get their way. I saw last night where South Bend Indiana had heard that busloads of Antifa were heading their way and to be inside with the doors locked by 9 p.m. What happened? Was it true?

I read somewhere else that both Klamath Falls Oregon and Bellevue Washington did their own guarding of the portals to their town.

Now I see where northern Idaho is also prepared for Antifa rumors.

Idaho Town Taken Over by Armed Patriot Patrols Amid Rumors Antifa Headed There

Meanwhile, has the police been infiltrated? What’s this about?

Never has it been more important to get to know your neighbors than NOW. Too bad it took this threat for us to begin to turn towards and support those who live nearby. Even if we see the world in widely divergent ways, even if our life styles and attitudes are completely different than those of our neighbors; even so, those who live near us are our mutual first “line of defense.” 

May we transform this crisis into an opportunity.


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