Indiana University receives national unwelcome publicity

If you recall, about a month ago Indiana University announced that all students, faculty, and staff would have to be not only vaccinated, but prove it through a vaccine certificate before they return for the Fall semester.

Well, that did not go over well with the state. So the university dropped the vaccine certificate, substituting instead an online form that students must fill out prior to enrolling.

Nor did the vaccine mandate go over well with a bunch of mostly out-of-towners who turned up to protest.

And now eight students have sued the university, saying that “the requirement that students, staff and faculty be vaccinated against the virus before returning to campus in the fall violates the 14th Amendment, which includes rights of personal autonomy and bodily integrity and the right to reject medical treatment and Indiana’s recently passed ‘vaccine passport’ law.”

Yep! This headline in today’s local paper.

Oh wow, and, immediately, the attorney for the eight students shows up on Tucker Carlson’s show! Thanks to Sylvia, who alerted me.

Attorney Tells Tucker Carlson: Indiana University Vaccine Mandate Is ‘Unconstitutional’




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