In this horrifically divided nation, what unites us? Our common focus on Trump!



I am reminded of my 1973 dissertation in philosophy, for Boston University, where I investigated the fascination in the academic community concerning Ludwig Wittgenstein. Attracted, philosophers turned into disciples; repelled, they turned into critics. I.e., the common focus, and the original division, was not mental, but emotional!

So too, here. Love Trump or hate Trump. That comes before the mind kicks in, to say WHY. To offer reasons, justifications, “proof.” But we don’t realize, until we wake up, until we become aware, how our bodies have captured our minds.

How could that be? Because we have been divided, our minds from our bodies, at least since Descartes, back in the 17th century. Were we to wake up and recognize how our emotions (part of the body’s sensuous response to its environment) tend to rule us, we might begin the internal dialogue required to move from the body to the mind, and thus begin to create mental unity with others at least via our recognition that awareness is the bridge between the two — both our own body to our own mind, and our minds to one another.

Let’s begin to cross those bridges. Or better yet, how about we learn to meet in the middle, breathe in the mysterious space that the polarity between body and mind creates; let’s each of us begin to thereby acknowledge and honor our own paradoxical relationship to “being in a body” in this 3D world.

Only Trump Can Keep America Together

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