In the ’40s and ’50s, nuclear scientist Galen Winsor (who died of natural causes at age 85) swam and drank from a cooling pool for spent nuclear fuel rods.

This morning I found a post by Gordon Duff that blew me away. Is “Radiation” A Scam? included an old video of Galen Winsor, a presentation on nuclear energy and how he and his co-workers at Hanford and other places used to handle it. Literally handle it, as in “hands’-on,” with no protection. He himself also considered the cooling pool his own personal swimming hole and for awhile kept a liter of its water on his desk from which he would drink every day. This astonishing video is guaranteed to blow your socks off. And it dovetails both with the story of the colossal resurgence of nature around Chernobyl as well as Laura Bruno’s post on her intuitive sense that radiation doesn’t hurt her.

If Winsor is right, then the same economic and political forces that were guiding the gullible public back then are doing so now, and apparently, for the same reasons, to control the cost, distribution and availability of energy. And, he hints darkly at one point, some of those fuel containers with supposedly high or low-level nuclear “waste” (he would be the one to put quotes around the word, since for him, it’s all re-usable, food for some other process. In that way, this nuclear expert thinks like a permaculturist!) actually contain Mafia related human bodies, shipped for disposal in refrigerated trucks . . .

But what about all the sailors who are becoming ill, you might ask.

USS Ronald Reagan Crew Members Sick With Cancer Three Years After Fukushima Contamination [PHOTOS]

Yeah, and what about the whale with two heads?

Whale with two heads washes up on beach

What about the 98% of the ocean floor supposedly covered with dead sea creatures?

Yeah. What about that? What’s real, and what’s fear porn? And what’s mob psychology causing “epidemics” in the mass mind so strong they translate into physical diseases, for that matter? Here’s a recent post on this subject from today’s Fred Burks email list download.

On Fukushima Fears and Sensationalistic Reporting

I have no idea about any of this, except to say that the solution to radiation is to RADIATE. Radiate your own beautiful, unique energy magnificently into the world. Express all of who you are and receive all of the blessings that flow from that.

Meanwhile, All I know is that Galen Winsor’s video rocks conceptual foundations that I did not know I had. And for that, I’m glad. Let’s throw everything, absolutely everything up into the air. Let’s open our minds and hearts way beyond what we thought possible. Let’s really ride that wildly bucking bronco, the Uranus/Pluto square (2012-2015), so potent during especially this year; let’s together turn that awesome corner from fear to love. Imagine what would happen then.

Whereas the Gordon Duff article felt (to me) somewhat coy, here’s an interesting post that includes a shorter 47-minute version of the same video by someone more familiar than I (and an admitted nuclear advocate) with the politics and economics of this alternative view of the dangers of nuclear materials.

Galen Winsor asks – Who owns the plutonium? How much is it worth?

July 26, 2013

by Rod Adams


Galen Winsor was a hands-on nuclear expert in the fullest sense of the phrase. Before irrational radiation protection rules were imposed, he and his colleagues directly handled used fuel. Since they needed to touch radioactive materials to accomplish their mission, they could not maximize distance or use shielding. Instead they limited their exposure time and depended on just one out of three of the triple protection means learned by all radiation professionals – “time, distance and shielding”.According to his story, Winsor and his colleagues knew enough about the material that they were handling to prevent most skin burns, but they had a job to do and did not allow a desire to lower doses below the level of immediate risk to impede their successful accomplishment.

During his more than 30 years of professional involvement in handling nuclear materials, Winsor stubbornly refused to change his habits. He considered the used fuel pool at the Morris, IL recycling plant to be his personal “warm swimming hole”, he gave talks during which he licked uranium dioxide off of the palm of his hand and he once filled a two liter bottle from a used fuel pool and kept that water on his office desk for a daily drink.

If you pay close attention, you should come away with the impression that Winsor was not foolhardy; he was well aware of the real behavior of the materials that he measured. In Winsor’s opinion, imposition of unreasonably tight rules associated with radiation protection has been a cost-increasing strategy akin to the “feather bedding” practices of railroad engineers.

Winsor passed away a few years ago. He was in his 80s and his death was apparently from the normal kinds of natural causes that afflict people of a certain age.

Throughout Winsor’s talk, he points out the physical value of the irradiated material that some people insist on calling high level waste. He asks the final important questions – “Who owns the plutonium?” and “How much is it worth?” He recognizes that using it beneficially threatens a number of powerful interests.

Unfortunately, Winsor’s message did not receive widespread attention in the 1980s when he gave his talks. He did not live in the internet era and did not have access to tools like blogs and YouTube. Fortunately for us, someone saved video tapes of his talks and converted them to a digital format. A couple of days ago, an Atomic Insights reader sent me a link to a longer, 1.5 hour compilation videohosted by Liberty in Our Time. That video has been on the web for a year and has been seen by just 25,000 people; that number needs to grow rapidly.

I would be remiss if I did not discuss the idea that Winsor’s message might have gained some detractors from its overly conspiratorial tone. As a Naval Academy graduate and retired Commander, I’m a card carrying member of “The Establishment”. I can testify based on a three decade-long career that there is no need to assume that some kind of secretive agreement must exist in order to encourage people with aligned interests to successfully work without any coordination to discredit a common enemy.

There are plenty of people that have long recognized that atomic energy directly threatens their interests by offering a superior product that can permanently capture profitable customers. Their interest in slowing nuclear energy development has been matched by those who have recognized that it is easier to build enormous infrastructures and obtain valuable contracts when people are confused, fearful or purposely kept ignorant through secrecy.

Unnecessarily stringent radiation protection regulations leads to huge contracts for what we used to call “digging and filling” on the military bases where I worked for several decades. Both construction contractors and hydrocarbon suppliers continue to be aided by media interests that carry their advertising messages, by financial institutions that make money by lending to gargantuan projects, by transportation industries that carry their massive quantities of daily deliveries, and by politicians that accept political contributions (sometimes bordering on bribes), employee votes and post government employment.

The gradual imposition of ever tighter regulations enforced by the kinds of employment threats that Winsor describes in the above video helped to increase profits and also reinforced the public fear factor by building an ever growing body of compliant workers taught to have a questioning attitude that defaulted to extreme conservatism while blindly following stringent rules, even without any physical evidence of harm.

A large and growing body of documents, personal testimony and anecdotal stories has convinced me that the world has wrongly accepted incorrect information about the relative hazard of atomic radiation compared to many other casually accepted materials and influences. Watching Winsor’s talk reminded me of a practically-minded senior chief petty officer named Tess who once demonstrated to me how he would simply wipe his hands on his pants if he found a little contamination. It reminded me of numerous occasions when Ted Rockwell repeated that money spent on radiation protection did not disappear into a rat hole, it disappeared into some rats’ pockets.

It also reminded me of my conversations with Ray Haroldsen, the electrical technician who told Atomic Show listeners stories (The Atomic Show #068 – Ray Haroldsen, Atomic Tinkerer who has tested the limits and The Atomic Show #069 – Ray Haroldsen, Experimental Breeder Reactor 1 stories) of picking up the pieces from the BORAX destructive test. When I spoke with Ray just two years ago, he was still in good health, even though he was an adult nuclear energy professional in 1951, more than 60 years ago. The risk from moderate doses of radiation or ingestion of radioactive material has been highly exaggerated for very logical, but greed driven reasons.

It is long past time to aggressively fight back and challenge the status quo. My burning desire for more widely distributed prosperity and my need to strive to help reduce the risk of dramatic climate change demands that I promote the truth. Please join me in the effort to tell the world that atomic fission is a great way to boil water to provide useful power to an ever growing number of happy and healthy customers.

On a related note, Jerry Cuttler highly recommended that I share a link to Wade Allison’s paper about the Goiania accident and what it should teach us about the minuscule health hazards from the materials released at Fukushima and any future, probably less severe accident. Here is a sample quote:

In the 25 years since 1987 there has been no case of cancer due to radiation among those contaminated – none at all. This observation is compared with measurements from Fukushima and elsewhere in the Table below. As shown in the third column the lowest measured internal radioactivity for any casualty at Goiania was far more than 1000 times greater than the largest internal radioactivity measurement for any resident in a large survey of those affected in Japan [9]. For children this ratio was even larger. At Goiania one woman, already four months pregnant, got a significant dose and gave birth normally; and another who had received one of the highest internal doses gave birth to a healthy child four years on.

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19 Responses to In the ’40s and ’50s, nuclear scientist Galen Winsor (who died of natural causes at age 85) swam and drank from a cooling pool for spent nuclear fuel rods.

  1. laurabruno says:

    Since Gordon Duff admits working for/with the CIA and says that up to 40% of what he publishes is lies, the “told to publish this” aspect of this post makes me a but suspicious. I still hold to my metaphysical/alchemical observations, but on the physical level, here are two great resources: (Scroll down for miso and radiation sickness) (I would not personally eat Japanese or West Coast seaweed at this time, since seaweed is the ocean’s detoxifier.)

    I’m not saying that the Duff is necessarily fluff, but when he’s “told” to publish something, that’s not necessarily an endorsement for truth. 🙂

    • Yeah, which is why I went for another source, and looked at other stuff about the guy. Did you watch the video?

      • laurabruno says:

        Only part so far, since it’s long. It reminds me a bit of this one from Russia, a couple who live off radiation:

        There do seem to be some people who thrive, but I don’t think there is any doubt that many people react negatively to radiation. That’s why I wrote my original post, too, because clearly the hard and fast assumptions only hold up some of the time. Cool video from what I have seen so far. I am still eating miso most days. 🙂

        • I’m eating seaweed from Atlantic coast daily and have been for many years. I cook it with quinoa and lentils. I also watched the video from the Russian couple. But this one struck me more, somehow. They seemed like “aliens,” (and I mean that; they felt like some kind of ETs); he doesn’t. And I think his point that we were lied to when told “five grams of Plutonium if evenly distributed to the lungs of everyone one earth, would kill everybody” well taken, when he compared it to the much larger amount of plutonium that went into the Nagasaki bomb. I myself used to quote that line. It was one of Caldicott’s, as I recall.

  2. laurabruno says:

    Your comment about the Uranus/Pluto Squares also jumps out at me: Pluto, Plutonium. I am reading RJ Stewart’s The UnderWorld Initiation –all about the real Western Mystery traditions and magick as revealed through folk songs and old stories rather than the watered down New Age mishmash. Anyway, Pluto is Lord of the UnderWorld. There may be something to that, too …mythopoetically and meta-physically. Those who feel ready to radiate have usually done their Shadow Work.

  3. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for posting this. Even if it is not all true ut is interesting to note that we have for most of our lives made decisions based on information from experts. When experts disagree we can take sides and choose what to believe-even tho for most of these things we have no direct experience to use in our evaluation. As a child I had no fear of anything and told my parents that we could do “like Godzilla” and use radiation to our benefit personally as energy (direct energy source mot using power plants).
    As I read this I noted tension and fear in my stomach even tho I have no attachment to either perspective at the moment.
    I do wonder if the idea that physics was going to change appreciably post 12-21-12 has anything to do with all these different reactions?
    What if physics has always been changeable and reactive to individuals energy fields and ideas?
    The “observer effect” from quantum mechanics writ large.
    The fact is the radiation is already in the environment in multiple areas so fear is rather pointless.
    It may also be true that different people have different energy structures even tho we all appear “human” and one species we may have vastly different reactions at the physical level because the physical is derivative from another level we do not have good technology for measuring as discussed in The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock.
    If we actually follow the scientific method instead of using the word science to describe”received wisdom” that is static and possibly not relevant, then we can investigate and discover what the larger picture may be.

    • Beautiful riff here, Ohwentsya! May the contradiction between “radiation kills” and radiation is, as your young self said, “of benefit personally,” expand within us to the point where we burst into song and life and art and love! We may be dealing, as you say, with different dimensions here, radiation bringing death in one or some, but not others. And yes, I too, feel multiple dimensions in this life, and feel myself that way as well. During last year’s planting time, I felt the energy of earth being so huge and full and could not help but wonder if the omnipresent radiation from Fukushima and so much else was bathing us in its invisible light. I tried not to think that, but it kept coming up in me.

  4. laurabruno says:

    Very interesting rest of the video! The layers upon layers of intrigue never cease to amaze me and yet are somehow not surprising at all.

    Soooo, if plutonium is valuable but not dangerous, then there must be something else causing all these double headed sharks and whales in the Pacific, plus the huge surge in birth defects near leaking nuclear power plants. Right after I wrote the comment about Pluto and Plutonium, I read a paragraph in that book discussing how the original fruit of the Tree of Life/Gateway to the UnderWorld was toxic unless/until *transmuted* by the Divine Feminine Principle. The book hadn’t up to that point been talking about anything like that at all. Synchronous boom!

    Of course, Uranium and Uranus connect, too. Our life is so intertwined even beyond MY imagination, LOL, but seriously …

  5. laurabruno says:

    Yes, you would not believe the bizarre dreams I had last night! Sooooo strange. I sat bolt upright at one point, because the ceiling was raining down blue symbols. Right before bed, the idea struck me: “That saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ is a metaphysical secret.” Avalon=the Isle of Apples; each apple has a perfectly inscribed, upright pentagram in it; “the silver branch” that gives passage to the OtherRealms is from an apple tree; eating of the fruit transmutes the poison and creates a permanent alteration in the humans … Persephone ate of the pomegranate (another magickal fruit if ever there was one –seeds ARE the fruit) and thus needed to return periodically to the UnderWorld. I’m working on a post, but this rabbit hole just keeps goin’ and goin’ and goin’ … Weeeeeee! Slip n slide….

  6. I have no idea about any of this. Please let me allow my thoughts 26/10 All IS CHANGE, CONSTANT CHANGE, and this change that is blowing through at this time is necessary to bring human consciousness forward. It is also necessary to assist Mother Earth in her ownevolutionary process of ASCENSION, and therefore the winds that blow on her surface are simply the winds FOR HER that are REMOVING the dross and the toxicity that exists now on the surface of the planet. ALL IS CONSCIOUSNESS

    12/11 The Light Collective and MOTHER GAIA via Tazjima: In the Wake of Typhoon Haiyan | The earth is undergoing a pattern of cleansing. All that belonged to the old paradigm WILL BE SWEPT AWAY. Everything, every last vestige of pollution, caused by the over-cutting of forests, the wanton pillaging of resources, destruction of water through unbalanced industrial activities such as fracking, oil and natural gas drilling, over-building of heavy structures and concrete which prevent the earth from breathing… all these things and more will be swept from the planet.


    Our Game was designed using a system of grids that create a virtual reality that is filled with increasingly sentient programs. In order to create a reality of Choice, it was necessary to use the frequency of the color black in the design | THE EARTH GAME

  7. MOEDER AARDE is haar trilling of energie aan het verhogen en wij als LEVENDE WEZENS voelen dit. We are going to Zero Point Energy that is the moment when Gaia REACHES SINGULARITY. = LOVE. LOVE is all there is.

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