I’m puzzled by seemingly contradictory results of two recent polls . . .

THE FIRST:  44% of the American public believe requiring vaccine certificates should be mandatory.



Nearly HALF of Americans think ‘vaccine passports’ are ‘a good idea,” poll claims . . .

However, this same article says 41% are adamantly opposed.

So. Here we go. Besides race, gender, religion, political correctness, virtue signaling, woke vs awake, what else? The bad guys now have another way to divide (and conquer) us?

BTW: If you, like me, are determined not to get the vax, and want to know how to legally and rationally duck out of it, check this out. Sent by an equally adamant friend of mine She’s going to print it out. So am I.

In line with the above, I presume you noticed yesterday’s viral clip of a Spirit Airlines flight with a couple whose two-year-old refused to wear a mask while eating (or any time), and the situation got so heated between the parents and the draconian stewardess, that everybody was told to deplane, and then returned to the plane after that stewardess was taken off the crew.


THE SECOND: 72% of the American public believe Voter IDs should be required.

Larger . . .

Well, what do you know!

Now the question is, was it the scandal of the stolen election or the horrific scene at the southern border since the Bidan admin took over that has so many people aroused? If the former, I’m surprised, as, from what I hear (I don’t watch the MSM myself), the MSM was adamant that the election was not stolen, that 80 million people voted for Bidan. Yeah, right. . . .

Or, was it the latter, in which case perhaps the good guys’ gigantic sting operation IS working, and a vast majority of people are beginning to see just what the globalist Biden admin has in mind for this country. Too bad that the price is so extremely high! Who knows how many drug dealers, plus thousands of trafficked children and their unvetted handlers have already crossed the porous border? As Trump stated, way back in 2015:

I like to think border reports of trafficked children and their handlers  are turning the tide. That this, together with reports of thousands of DUMBS and tunnels worldwide often used to hide trafficked children, and the current spotlight shining on container ship transport via the recently stuck Ever Given ship owned by Walmart and the Clinton Foundation, are all converging to wake up the masses to the horrific criminal and satanic pedophile enterprise that has diabolically threaded itself throughout society, bribing and blackmailing bigwigs of all kinds, fueling alphabet agencies and their black ops of all kinds, and ongoing for decades, if not centuries, millennia, is all now turning the tide from deliberately hiding or chronically hiding from, to courageously and finally facing the glaring Truth now so much in our faces that we cannot help but rise up en masse to transform the world.

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  1. rose day says:

    Thanks much for including the info relating to ‘Medical Treatment Without Informed Consent’. In a perfect world this sort of info would not be necessary yet hopefully in the present world, the info will go viral among those researching pros and cons related to bureaucratic health edicts.

    Re: Polls

    I now question the validity of polls in general . . . especially those that reek of one-sided dis-information and ‘engineered’ responses . . . a bit like (msm) ‘election polls’ that continually show candidates ‘well-ahead’ when some cannot muster 50 warm bodies to a gathering in a local library.

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