Ignite the light! The Sun and the human endocrine system

No wonder I practice looking directly into the heart of the Sun — each time, for the briefest of flashing moments, and usually when the Sun is low in the sky. No wonder, on my daily walks, I breathe sunlight into my solar plexus and heart, fill my being with the Sun, so that I may breathe that light into the world. No wonder, when I awaken in the night, I practice igniting light in the crown chakra, the pineal gland, more and more light, brilliant in the night. No wonder. No wonder. Ah but wonder, wonder. Awe and wonder.

Thank you thank you — Joan, via Michael, via Matty . . .

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  1. sistertongue says:

    So, just for the general population. NO ONE EVER looks directly into the sun. EVER. Okay? As both a metaphor and physical reality, doing so would, indeed, cause physical/psychic blindness. Not good at all.

    When we meditate with the sun, we CIRCLE the edges of it with our physical eyes. Around and around its edges. Period.

    Humans should never, never, never, ever look directly into it. To do so would be seriously debilitating and damaging to us. It is not useful nor healthful for you to claim you look directly into it and, in that, you are in serious error on both a practical and metaphoric health level.

  2. Thank you for this comment! Actually, I do look directly at the sun, but for the briefest of flashing moments each time. And I usually do it only when the sun is low in the sky. I have practiced this for at least 20 years with no ill effects. I will amend the post to include this description of how I do it. So thanks again!

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