Identity Politics? No thanks.

I have just watched the first 12 minutes of a video, wherein two gay friends of Brandon Straka tell their own own personal stories, of how their minds were gradually and inexorably changed from the traditional (for my generation) leftist, liberal politics.

Which reminds me of two teeshirts that I just got rid of, not because their messages were bad; love everybody, they both said, in different ways; and then listed all sorts of groups of one kind or another. I got rid of both teeshirts because now they disgust me; I see them as subtly attempting to divide us by enumerating specialized “identities,” which in the usual leftist parlance, then require us to see them as persecuted victims, and to speak of them in “politically correct” language, and so on.

I have never actually worn either of these teeshirts, though when I bought them, five or six years ago, I felt righteous as hell. So my own mind-warp, apparently, at least in part, dates from that time.

This morning, at the local farmer’s market, I came across two people handing out posters promoting “Black Lives Matter,” one of these much ballyhooed identity groups. I steered clear, not wanting to engage in conversations that attempt to view human beings in specialized categories, based on superficial qualities, like skin color, or nationality, or gender, or religion. Bah humbug! Boring. Everybody’s human, just like me. Ain’t that enough?

Aha! They were there because of this:

Petitions Allege White Supremacist Ties to Farmer’s Market Vendor

Identity politics does seem to inevitably set identified groups against one another! Divide and conquer: that age-old strategy, if you’re determined to declare yourself superior by “defeating” an “enemy.”

Now I see that President Trump is not going to allow the LBGTQ community to hang their flag with the American flag at U.S. embassies during this Gay Pride month. Good. Why celebrate one group when all citizens are celebrated under the U.S. flag?

Trump Administration Rejecting Requests from U.S. Embassies to Fly Pride Flag

Here’s an article by a Harvard student that pretty much sums up what I find distasteful about identity politics.

Why I Don’t Support Identity Politics Anymore




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5 Responses to Identity Politics? No thanks.

  1. Kama Anderson says:

    Thank you, again, Ann for helping me to step out of a life filled with liberals here in California. Brandon Straka is so amazing and I love listening to him and his team!! It has strengthened my faith in Trump! I am pretty sure I can not reach my family and friends yet and that is what it is. But it doesn’t matter….because I love them no matter what they believe and #Walk Away will grow and soon others will follow and they just might wake up. What a ride we are all on through this amazing time. I love you, sister!!!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      There are many of us in your boat. I’m starting to speak up, respectfully, whenever I’m in a group and somebody starts to bash Trump, as if it’s okay to bash him, in fact, as if it’s a bonding mechanism among them!

  2. Kama Anderson says:

    YES! But I’m still reluctant to speak with my family much….of course they think I’m crazy…..but that’s nothing new….
    I signed up for @WalkAway on FB… very many posts and all loving and supportive! I sure hope Trump does something soon to wake up the masses so we can get on with healing our country and the world!

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I think it’s up to us. Let’s not fall back on our savior complex, which comes so naturally to Christians and the other biblical religions.

  3. Kama Anderson says:

    Yes, you are right….I’m just a work in progress moving forward day by day. Again, thanks for your inpirational site!!

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