I need a day — no, the weekend! — off . . .

. . . from this near-obsessive filtering and commenting upon “the news,” or, I should say, daily sifting through “the olds” for nuggets of real news. Until tomorrow? Or maybe even until Monday?

P.S., there are now 577 posts on this blog, so plenty to work your way through, if so inclined, while waiting for me to resume posting an average of five posts each day.

Meanwhile, I would love more comments. And would also love more guest writers. . . Sometimes I feel I’m whistling in the wind, though the page view average has now climbed to 350 per day and there are, as of this minute, 32,352 views total, since late January, when I began this “job,” which sometimes makes me feel like Sisyphus, and at other times like a guardian angel, breathing love into the chaos.

So. Until either tomorrow or Monday! Actually, yes, let’s make it Monday.

Love always,


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4 Responses to I need a day — no, the weekend! — off . . .

  1. Julie C says:

    Even the Angels rest! Know that your posts are read via mail links to many, many more than you think, as they are forwarded to friends and family alike and then sent on in many cases! Do not forget that!

    Rest well, your skills will be needed even more very soon!
    Bless you for your diligence and know that YOUR posts I DO NOT DELETE without reading first and that is a complement!

  2. Mike Veltman says:

    Need more comments? You got it.
    Your website is beautiful and I’m damn thankful that you devote so much time in its creation and upkeep. I visit your site every day and most times I’ll read all the posts that you’ve put up. Good Lord, I can only imagine how much effort goes into your work, but I want you to know that it is very much appreciated!
    I became awakened in April of this year so I feel like I’m “behind the power curve” in learning about our spirituality and our galactic brothers and sisters. Well, your site has helped me immensely in getting up to speed and I’d like to say thank you so very much. You are truly making our world a better place.
    Be at peace,
    Mike V.

  3. Dawn Barnes-Batty says:

    Hello Ann..and Shadow.Put your feet up,take a breath and relax.I can’t remember when I found you but yours is my first port of call each day.You have inspired me to garden for the first time!
    I have passed your site to my friends and they too are now enjoying your posts.Send me an email if you need some distance Reiki.Love Dawn B.x

  4. Mark White says:

    Overwhelmed by personal responsibilities and ever heightening awareness of the Unfolding Situation here on Earth has driven me to bouts of almost blissfully plunging my head into the sand at times this summer. But once or twice a week I get online, update myself on some news and generally read a good portion of what you are posting here, time permitting.

    I have been feeling powerless to effect or contribute anything toward the healing of our Mother and one another. Stranded, just a witness to it all. I think I am less effective working on the surface, and am feeling called to work toward the inner level where maybe I can help myself and others simply change the way we see and relate to the world. I feel like I am living in a world of irreverent morons and the core work for me is to inspire/instruct us toward a greater sense of Reverence. If we were all in a state of heightened Reverence we wouldn’t be doing this horror to our Home, nor to one another.

    As long as you keep posting, I will keep reading, and I will start sharing more of your posts with my small circle, on Facebook. Your blog is like a great central point for a lot of good and very important information and ideas. Thank you, Ann, for all the time and work you must be putting into this daily periodical that seems like it must have more than a staff of just one.

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