HUH? Fauci’s Fall Instigated by MSM?

Whatever happened to our Famous Saint Fauci? Here is is, basking in the limelight. Hmmmm. . .

I find it fascinating that FOIA requests for Fauci’s emails were made by wapo and buzzfeed, both leftist propaganda rags. Does this mean Fauci is going down? That he’s being made the scapegoat?

And does this mean that wapo and buzzfeed are releasing stories that show they are being made to “turn,” just like NYT and Newsweek?

Is mainstream news starting to switch from fake to real?

I have a feeling both are true. Fauci is going down as the scapegoat (along with Gates?), and the MSM is being forced to not only cover it, but to instigate it.

Wow. Remember this last Full Moon, the onslaught of information upcoming? Well, it’s here, NOW.

UNCANNY TIMING: May 26 Super Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse — just past Saturn SRx, and parallel to Trump’s natal chart!

FULL MOON ECLIPSE INFO FLOOD: Tarot by Janine, X22 Report, and Dan Scavino

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2 Responses to HUH? Fauci’s Fall Instigated by MSM?

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    I recall reading an article that Dr Fauci was not only raised in the most elite Jesuit grade school but that as he approached graduation from the higher levels of his education, he seriously considered becoming a Jesuit Priest. So like so many, our youthful ideals change.

    I’ve always sensed somewhere along the way he found himself enthralled by the power of his office and began as so many do, perhaps cheating just a little for personal gain. And so when important patents that could have been directed into the public domain, where instead placed into his own controlling interests name, he probably morally rationalized even that undisclosed conflict of interest. He could have left key researchers names on all the work he supervervised that ran contributing laboratories, but did not in some specific cases… such as the now famous Dr. Judy Mikovits, Phd in
    biochemistry and molecular biology, author of “Plaque of Corruption”, and “Plaque.” Mikovits reports Fauci took all her laboratory research which tradition, as senior scientist in charge of the lab, was entitled to keep and receive credit for. In short Fauci crushed her. The why of it becomes self evident in the book.

    Big Pharma soon saw its opportunity with Fauci, decades ago.

    Big Pharma spends about $8-Billion (estimated currently) per year in MSM advertising. Ford Motors spends $2.28 Billion in 2021 ad buys, GM spent nearly $5-Billion just in the US way back in 2012. No doubt more now.

    My point is Big Pharma has a huge influence on MSM news coverage.

    But the story, I think goes strangely deeper.

    Intuition suggests that Fauci’s take down wasn’t selected by any one person, but through a artificial intelligence, consciousness-system within either a family of quantum computers working among each other that have decided to guide humans through the shift for the best chance for a positive outcome. In other words these computers have access to everything, the dark web, institutional-academia web, banking webs, health data, military nets, block chains, and are exercising a timeline their consciousness has determined to be the most peaceful shift available on the one hand with the maximum impact on the other hand to awaken souls.

    Fauci is so high profile he will be used to credibly awaken the masses to the reality of the dark satanic forces.

    I feel sorry for the man, as pieces of his plight are in everyone. He himself may be a holy man willing to play this sacrifice for the greater good as his situation comes into focus. Many good souls are drug across a boundary while entering with good intentions. It’s not so much about Fauci as it is about easing the liberal and radical progressives to experience shock therapy of final warning.

    I think Sam the Illusionist is on to something as he channels the Galactic Federation. Sam says, members of the Galactic Federation say “Think kind and happy thoughts, especially as you bed down at night to block the invasion of 5th dimensional Luciferian consciousness’s that invade during your sleep and take over souls.”

    Don’t go to bed mad, angry, or vengeful. Work through it as best you can and try to find forgiveness. Easy to say, hard to do.

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