HR 645 and recent Ron Paul prediction

Update a few hours later: It just occurred to me that there are lots of reports that FEMA camps have already been established and massive numbers of railroad cars with shackles welded to the floors stockpiled in various places. Google it. If this is really the case, where did the money come from without the bill being passed? Well of course, dufus (speaking to myself): “black ops.”

HR 645 is the “National Emergency Centers Establishment Act.” Read it here.

Here’s text and quick video from an abovetopsecret forum with Ron Paul speaking on this topic.

“We Are Change Minnesota did a short 1min 45sec interview with Ron Paul outside of the Iowa state University last weekend. They asked Dr. Paul if he believed H.R. 645 was put in place to establish detention camps in the U.S. in which Ron Paul responds, ‘They’re setting the stage for violence in this country, there’s no doubt about it’.

“I’d like to encourage you all to look into this “Act” & to read through H.R. 645. Then judge for yourselves what implementations or abuses could become of the existence of the ‘National Emergency Centers Establishment Act’.”

This is another case, just as with the prediction that there will be a false flag alien invasion, and the prediction that a nuclear explosion will detonate in Chicago, where we need to pre-empt something that’s still “in the ethers” before it can manifest into 3D reality.

However, you should also know that I just checked the current status of the bill, and it appears to be dead, since it didn’t pass in the 2009-2010 session in which it was introduced (and it only attracted six sponsors). Nevertheless, Ron Paul is usually right with his predictions.

The point is, we need to be fully aware of the dangers we face now that the global civilization is destabilizing, and counteract all “threats” by continuing to generate a frequency field of love to infiltrate and ultimately transform the frequency field of fear that the entire apparatus of cultural mind-control programming has been trying (and failing) to reinforce to keep us sheeple in line.

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