Gotta Start Somewhere Department: How to wean yourself from industrialized, corporatized, pharmaceuticalized, soul-killing, murderous medicine!

Immediate Update: I forgot to mention the downright corruption that threads through profit-hungry industrial medicine. Like this, just sent to me from the business section (!) of the NYT:

Hospital Chain Investigation Found Dubious Cardiac Work

(And, says this almost-70-year-old elder of admittedly disciplined German heritage, do exercise, in all kinds of weather, preferably with cardiovascular effect, for at least 30 minutes daily. Walking your dog is good, and gets the endorphins flowing. If it’s too hot, go out at dawn. If too cold, dress warmly. No excuses!)

A healthy body serves as a secure foundation for a clear, focused, adventurous mind, and both together integrate seamlessly with the soul which has been whispering in your inner ear, for decades, to stop complaining, turn off the screen, get off the couch — and live a little!

New York Times: More treatment, more mistakes.

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