How to UNIFY this Divided Nation? Show the DARK (pedophilia, etc.) and bring the LIGHT (JFK Jr.)

And what is the DARK? The ongoing revelations concerning MK Ultra mind control, worldwide pedophilia, child, female, organ, drug trafficking, adrenochrome, murder, satanic ritual abuse, plus associated bribery and especially blackmail: once they catch you in the act on film,  they’ve got you for life.

Up until the arrest of John of God, then the Nxivm folks, then Epstein, then Maxwell, plus ongoing stories involving Catholic priests, famous sports, politics, Hollywood figures, etc. etc. whenever I and others discussed these ongoing horrors in the past, people assumed we were either “conspiracy theorists” or just plain crazy. No longer. That figure, ” 800,000 children disappear in the U.S, alone each year” is now front and center.

And what is the LIGHT: the revelation that JFK Jr. is indeed alive, and that he will be announced as Trump’s running mate in the run-up to the presidential election.

Now, when I and a few others beginning to discuss the LIGHT, see this:

DJT and JFK Jr and Qanon: The Failure and Redemption Plan

and this:

JFK Jr. alive? More clues . . .

— most people simply cannot open their minds far enough to admit that indeed, JFK Jr. really might be alive after all.

Looking at his natal chart . . .


— note that his his Moon at 27° Aquarius, sits exactly astride the U.S.A. Moon at 27° Aquarius. In a nation’s chart, the “Moon” signifies the public.

Looking at JFK Jr.’s Moon further, note that it sits exactly conjunct Chiron, which represents the wound, and the healing of the wound. Might this nation’s seemingly mortal wound, suffered when three year-old John-John’s father’s brains were blown out in full public display, be redeemed by this son, who, when the time is ripe, “rises from the dead” to heal this nation?

Note also, that JFK Jr.’s Moon/Chiron sits opposite electric, unpredictable, surprising Uranus at 25° Leo, hidden within his 12th house, but within one degree of Donald J. Trump’s very powerful natal warrior first house Mars at 26° Leo . . . Just sayin’!

Also, note that his Saturn sits at 15° Capricorn, opposite Mars at 18° Cancer, adjacent to the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Capricorn configuration ongoing throughout 2020.  And extremely significant for him: JFK Jr. has just undergone his second Saturn return — at 60, he is, finally, after 21 years, beginning again.

One final note: JFK Jr. has both Neptune and Mercury conjunct in deep, hidden, watery Scorpio. He is very capable of keeping an enormous secret for a long time.

If JFK Jr. does reveal himself, then this entire nation, Democrat and Republican and everyone in between or deeply outside, will suddenly wake up to the fact that perhaps we are not lost after all, that the assasination of John-John’s father back on November 22 1963, was not in vain. And as John Jr. is famously said to have claimed:

Okay, more clues:

This from a twitter feed which purports to be from Robert Trump, Donald Trump’s younger brother:

And notice reply  from “keis”: yes, JFK Jr. being alive is not anywhere near as implausible as the horrific Dark currently being revealed.

One more from Robert Trump. Make sense?

But what really caught my attention was this:

“Last minute”? Hmmm . . . Would October 17th do as “last minute”? This:

I have been unable to find out what Trump’s actual campaign schedule is, so have no idea if this meme is real.

However, here’s the chart for that day, set in Dallas at noon:

Please note that October 17 (in gematria, letter Q is 17) is right smack dab in the middle of a period of time when the Sun at 24° Libra that day will be sitting directly across from the ongoing Mars (with both Eris and Lilith!) square Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn configuration in Capricorn. In other words, Sun ignites an enormous, extremely active and illuminating T-cross configuration that throws its weight to the side not occupied, i.e., Cancer, where the natal U.S. Mercury happens to sit at 24° Cancer!

Such an event, such an apocalypse, such a REVELATION, would truly BLOW THIS NATION’S (MERCURY) MIND WIDE OPEN.

Oh, and to top it off: the Dallas chart shows Mercury conjunct Moon at 7-10° Scorpio, conjunct JFK Jr.’s secretive Mercury/Neptune: LONG HELD SECRET REVEALED.

Oh yes, and I just discovered that both Robert David Steele and Charlie Ward have jumped on the JFK Jr. bandwagon. Hmmm . . .

For a more in depth look at how and why this JFK Jr. current now courses more and more strongly through the collective consciousness of this nation, and perhaps the entire world, see:

JFK Jr. Mass Wish Fulfillment? -or-Camelot Not Dead?


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