How RT’s Abby Martin keeps both her cool and her aliveness

I’ve been a fan of young Russia Today anchor and correspondent Abby Martin for awhile now; I’m not alone. Here are two other people who praise her talent, intelligence, integrity, and fearlessness:

Stuart Wilde: Brave Women

Edward Teller: Abby the Hasbara Slayer

Of course, I’ve wondered how she manages to keep her both her cool and her very human, very alive quality in the midst of such a constant courageous, unblinking, laser-beam focus, analysis, and perspective on various aspects of the world’s suffering, horror and ill-gotten “gains” during this raggedy, eruptive Uranus/Pluto era (2012-2015).

I should have known. Abby has a spiritual point of view. She is in the world but not of it, showing, by example, how an evolved person surrenders to the long-running transit of Neptune in Pisces (2011-2025). Hint: not through addiction or escapism, but through empathy, awareness of unity.

I have a feeling that this segment took more out of her than usual. Abby seems almost embarrassed at the end, to have revealed so much about her larger self.

Thank you, young, intrepid Abby Martin, for shining your bright light.

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