Hollywood = Pedowood?

Not sure why I added the question mark to the title above, since from the ongoing whistleblower tidal wave, it does appear that Hollywood is infested through and through with pedophilia and worse.

So here we are, just past the 2019 Oscars, wherein it appears that ratings for this cultural travesty were actually up slightly from last year . . . Assuming a U.S. population of about 350 million, then 29 million = 11% of the (documented) population. My oh my, what does it take for people to wake up?


Okay, Ann. Why not look at it as glass only 11% full rather than 89% empty? Are the 89% woke? Or were they just busy with other distractions.

In any case, it’s difficult to even look at still photos of the displayed female bodies on the red carpet, much less watch videos of mind-controlled puppets clutching bronze statues.

Let’s face it. Hollywood IS Pedowood. That nasty fact is threaded through and through. If you’re like me, you’ve already unsubscribed from Netflix, plus you find it difficult to watch movies anymore, since so many of the actors have been fingered. For example, everybody’s favorite Everyman, Tom Hanks. Check these two recent posts, neonrevolt with a whistleblower worker in the industry who lights sets. He claims, not surprisingly at this point, that HW (Hollywood) votes and donates only to Democrats.

February 24th:

@IATSE – Enough is Enough! Time to #ShutDownHollywood! Support the #IATSEWalkout! #NEONREVOLT


February 25th:

#GafferAnon Takes us Backstage to Uncover #HollywoodCorruption! #ShutDownHollywood #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT


Here are a few screenshots from the second post, in case you don’t have time or energy to plough through:

BTW: Says elsewhere that both James Woods and Jeff Bridges are clean. (I follow James Woods on twitter. He’s amazing.)


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