"Hippie News and Stuff"

Just ran across this site, www.worldwidehippies.com, on which was featured Hippie News and Stuff. I watched this week’s (August 2-9) nine-minute broadcast. Don’t let the hippie laid-back style fool you. The two lead stories, the first on homelessness and class , the second on activist Tim DeChristopher’s jailing, were shock full of information new to me. I think I’ll make it hippie tv a weekly habit.

Besides, I’m “still a hippie and proud of it” (make this a bumpersticker? Just googled it, don’t see it anywhere. But I’ve posted a few good ones after the hippie news video from cafepress.

Hippie bumper stickers, as promised. Here you go . . . keep scrolling. There are five of ’em —

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