Hillary and Empire’s Wars: Inside and Abroad

See this:

State Sanctioned Theft, Failed War on Drugs, and Cops Abuse of Civil Forfeiture

Then realize, that war didn’t “fail,” it succeeded  brilliantly — to imprison blacks and “dissidents.”

Nixon’s Policy Advisor Admits He Invented War on Drugs to ‘Suppress Anti-War Left and Black People’

Much like our wars abroad, which apparently “fail,” but which use American made weapons to cause mayhem, chaos, destruction — rendering “failed nation-states” ripe for even more American corporate intervention. See for example, Iraq today:

U.S. Created System in Iraq Iis Collapsing: Protestors Storm Parliament, State of Emergency Declared

Now, still want hyper war monger Hillary Clinton as president? Pepe Escobar got it right: She’s our “Athena” figure, but without wisdom. 

Hillary: Wall Street’s Golden Girl


Hillary Tops List of Candidates backed by US Weapons Manufacturers

Oh yeah, and as for Inside Wars, as of the end of 2015,

Clinton Accepted $$ from Private Prison Companies/Lobbyists

To put it in a nutshell:

Hillary is the Candidate of the War Machine




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