Hilarious! Real life story about “workin’ the edge”

One of permaculture’s most powerful insights is that “the edges are where the action is.” So, if you want, for example, to build a pond, then make its edges wavy rather than circular. That way there’s more edge, more places for various species — microbial, insect, plant, animal — to grab hold. Edges encourage resilience — resistance to shock — by inviting diverse kingdoms in nature to weave together.

Just as “all waste (from one thing) is food” (for something else), so the more various the types of waste, the more food for various kingdoms. Get it? Notice again, another example: how much edge is there to a single leaf on a single tree! Notice what happens where the meadow meets the forest — way more species intersecting there. The point is, don’t just notice this edge effect, encourage it!

Here’s a hilarious story that illustrates this “edgy” principle, in social permaculture, causing all manner of ruckus!  Couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud.

David Crayford: A little bit of dry humor for a change . . .

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