Here's what "they" may want to do. If so, we are on to them and they will not succeed.

When looking without flinching purely at the “below,” without considering the purported help of celestials and extraterrestrials “above,” and/or our promised “Ascension” to 4th and 5th dimensions, it helps to watch MSM news with the wide, multi-layered perspective of this video. Watch it all the way through. Incredibly informative on debt and war and different types of false flags. And as the author says, “We don’t need to fight this evil, we just need to expose it.” Thanks to and beforeitsnews for the pointer. And of course, terrific, ubiquitous!

Speaking of false flags: check out the second video on the U.S.S. Enterprise, a nuclear aircraft carrier due to be de-commissioned in 2013, now heading to the Strait of Hormuz. Once again, if we “make them doubt a false flag will be believed, maybe they will call it off.”

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