HEADS UP! October 1-10: Mars/Jupiter/Uranus grand trine in fire — set to amplify war, or high high creativity, or both.

There. The title says it all. Impulsive Mars, now at 10° Sagittarius, closes in on expansive Jupiter at 16° Leo and explosive, unpredictable Uranus at 14° Aries. By October 1, Mars will be at 12°, well within range to affect Uranus directly. The “grand trine” aspect pattern is “harmonious” — in the sense that these energies, all of them in fiery signs work well together when they are all 120° from each other. But harmony for what? It’s up to us.

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I’m not just referring to the volatile and expanding geopolitical drama. No. As usual, localize. Decentralize. Work right here at home for world peace. Each of us, in our own way and radiating into our own circle of influence, can manifest the discernment to choose the path of creation over the path of destruction.

Upping the ante: On October 1 the Sun at 8° Libra begins to close in on a square with Pluto at 11° Capricorn. So a few days after that, say October 3rd and October 5th, will probably prove in hindsight most crucial. Power runs amuck, plays both sides, and/or power gets channeled into intensely creative diplomacy.

Again, this works in each of our lives as well as upon the world stage. Who would you rather kill than learn how to live with? Let’s face it. There’s always a bogey-man that we see as outside us when his source is in reality inside us.

Awareness is everything. And space is the answer to any question.

Therefore, how do we consciously open space enough to consciously neutralize the Sun/Pluto projection while plunging into Mars/Jupiter/Uranus creative action?

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