Has our culture entered terminal child-hating phase?

Birds, animals, insects, very few turn on their own young. But a certain percentage of humans do. Why? To child trafficking —

Ex-DHS Agent: 10,000 Children Trafficked Each Year into U.S. as Sex Slaves

— including pedophilia and satanic ritual sacrifice, now add full-term abortion, or infanticide.

First notice came with a new law in New York. Next, Virginia, Rhode Island . . .

The Infanticide Craze

Now I see that California already has such a law on its books.

New York-Style Abortion Law Has Been on Books in California for Years

How could humans have descended to such depravity? Or: how could humans still be doing this, thousands upon thousands of years later?

Well, guess what — and are you surprised? Baby parts are big business.

Coreysdigs has dug in. Here’s what she found.



THE ABORTION AGENDA: Its Benefactors and What You Don’t Know



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1 Response to Has our culture entered terminal child-hating phase?

  1. rose day says:

    Thanks for posting this Ann, as the article is incredibly far-reaching and well researched in a way that adds credence to intuitive feelings that ‘something is very much not right’ at the present edge of a planetary Twilight Zone between the real and the surreal.

    My intuitive feeling upon hearing of the NY ruling was that ‘law’ (???)makers appear hell-bent to legitamize a practice that has been in place, seemingly for some time and creates wonder as to where exactly these same lawmakers fit in the business paradigm that is the highly lucrative enterprise of buying and selling infants and infant body parts.

    ‘Beyond the Pale’ seems oddly lame in attempting to describe where the human brain must go to achieve a semblance of understanding as to Why (beyond the obvious lucre) and How the present infanticide exists and thrives.

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