Happy(?) Valentine’s Day! plus Solar Eclipse tomorrow!

I decided to research the origins of Valentine’s Day, and found conflicting stories, none of them romantic.

The dark origins of Valentine’s Day

The real St. Valentine was no patron of Love

Even more curious, and relevant, I just came across this graphic in today’s local paper. A hilarious example of a factoid that might be true, might not; but either way, I am not surprised to see that it is promoted by the National Confectioners’ Association.

But just think. What if it IS true? Would we be surprised?

Yes, what if it IS true? Does this mean that the 52% of Americans who buy chocolates on Valentine’s Day for themselves are love-starved, and so devour chocolates to compensate, at least on this one day?

Just put it in your mind’s eye: some poor love-starved slob sitting all alone, watching te-lie-vision, nursing his old, likely repeated, wounds by furtively gobbling all the chocolates in the box that he (or she?) just bought. Which box? Well, there are plenty to choose from, including expensive ones.

Would YOU just gobble something that cost so much? Well, plenty of people do. I’m thinking about an absorbing Netflix film I watched last night,

about Doug Kenney (1947-1980), the inspiration behind National Lampoon and its many cognates, including Animal House and Caddyshack! The way they flung cocaine around in that film outdid even smeary-faced chocolate lovers, and is way more expensive.

All of which brings us to the current opioid crisis, currently engulfing the families and resources of especially impoverished, unloved rural America, and impoverished, unloved inner cities.

What I’m getting at here is how so many people feel a huge devouring hole in their being, and that by constantly craving external stuff to suck into that hole, whether it be money or lies or real estate or chocolates or romance or cocaine or alcohol or stories-we-tell-ourselves-about- our-own-victim-status, on and on, that yawning existential hole will never fill! The only thing that does fill the hole IS love. And what is Love? Well, it’s not romance. That’s a projection, another spell we put on ourselves, what we “fall in”to  and crash out of, over and over again, each time wondering how we could have been so ” blind.”

No. LOVE — and too bad the very word has been so cheapened — truly IS the very stuff that fills and fuels the universe, if only we open to receive it, if only we get out of our own way and allow it to surge through us, immersing the whole world in its radiating generosity.

BTW: New Moon, in line with, and coming between Sun and Earth, creates a partial solar eclipse tomorrow, February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day: Sun/Moon conjunction at 27° Aquarius, in a harmonious sextile (60° aspect) to Uranus at 25° Aries, and a wide, tense square (90° aspect) to Jupiter at 22° Scorpio. My reading: Deep feelings (Jupiter in Scorpio), covered briefly by the Moon’s eclipse of the Sun in detached mental Aquarius, still manage to continue to quicken the energy of initiation (Uranus in Aries). And though the aspect doesn’t show up as a line in this chart, Jupiter is also in a wide inconjunct (150° aspect) with Uranus, thus creating a short-lived triangle of continuuous growth among the four planets: Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus.

Jupiter in Scorpio works with Uranus in Aries in this subtly tense inconjunct relationship for all of February and March, and is brought into focus during tomorrow’s February 15th eclipse/new moon, which asks us, as do all new moons, TO BEGIN AGAIN!  I’d say that the core issue is how do we courageously ignite new actions (Uranus in Aries) while at the same time consciously clearing our path ahead of old emotional issues (Jupiter in Scorpio)? 

Note to astrologers:  I noticed and named these “triangles of continuous growth” decades ago, probably because I have three of them in my own chart. They always involve one square (its the tension providing fuel for change), plus a harmonious sextile or trine (to ease the way), via a subtly sensed need for continuous adjustment signified by either an inconjunct or a semi-sextile. I.e., “triangles of continues growth” can be small or large. The small ones contain a square, a sextile and a semi-sextile; the large ones feature a square, a trine, and an inconjunct. The point, for these triangles, which involve both “easy” and “difficult” aspects, is that the situations they trigger are, or need to be, continuously dynamic and evolving!


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  1. Janice says:

    Sending LOVE to you.

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