Happy Valentine’s Day: Lady Gaga, Louis C.K. and Me

I know this isn’t the usual way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but somehow these two videos belong together, and especially on this day when we are encouraged to worship the longing (and despair) of “romantic love.”


As for the “Me” part of the title for this post:

Several years ago, one of my brothers-in-law asked me, in a sort of jocular, but really, underneath, kind of stick-it-in-the-ribs tone, “Well, Ann, you’re getting sort of long in the tooth. Do you ever think you’ll ever find a partner again, or is it too late!”

The question stunned me into clarity. Instantly, I responded, “Why should I do that? I’m whole.”

It was his turn to be stunned.

BTW: There used to be a “hole” in my being, which made me hungry for “love.” Compare the two words: hole and whole! If you wish to comprehend one old woman’s evolutionary journey into the ever more mysterious siren song of Love, I offer this essay which, even now, eight years later, remains perhaps the most crucial of my entire life.



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  1. Wendy says:

    I hadn’t read A Discourse on Love earlier and I thank you for it. It is a subtle point, but I think that it is through a deep love relationship that one learns to seek a wider meaning and resonance; rather than seeing the relationship as an instantiation of the “big picture” most of us wouldn’t know to even look outside without having experienced the personal first. But whichever stance one takes, Rumi is wonderful. Tara Brach uses his writings to beautiful effect.

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