Happy Second Birthday to Qanon

I set up the birthchart for this time, locating it in Washington, D.C .

What struck me first, when looking at this chart, was the fact that Jupiter, when Q began, was conjunct the Sun, in early Scorpio. Remember yesterday’s post on the New Moon for this month? Sun/Moon at 5° Scorpio, exactly opposite Uranus at 5° Taurus. Add Jupiter (from two years ago, at Q’s birth) to the mix at 3° Scorpio and we have magnification of eruptions from the deep, including the collective unconscious, and the deep state.

But wait! That was then, and this is now. The Qanon start: what could that possibly have to do with tonight’s Full Moon? Agreed! That’s what I want to know! It’s all very mysterious., and frankly, makes me wonder if Q is working with not just gematria, but astrology!

You might call this Jupiter conjunction from Q’s birth with tonight’s New Moon on Q’s second birthday, as a sort of astro proof of Q, as in the Q saying “future proves past.” And one might assume that whoever is Q, also knows astrology, choosing a time to begin when the Sun and Jupiter were together in depth-charging early Scorpio, and then, two years later, when the Moon returned from its monthly sojourn to again meet the Sun it would this time do so precisely on Q’s second birthday, on that same early Scorpio degree, thus reverberating both backwards (to when Q began) and forwards, to the continuing and possibly accelerating actions over the next lunar cycle against the deep state launched by this New Moon.

Of course the Sun would be in the same place on Q’s second birthday as it was two years ago, since its cycle is annual; but that Jupiter conjuncted the Sun, within two degrees, back then, and that conjunction then was echoed by the New Moon on Q’s second birthday now? That’s what blows my mind.

Of course, I do wonder, will Q start up again NOW? (Q has been offline since August 1, due to 8chan doing down.)

But wait, it gets even weirder.

Notice where Jupiter is on the second birthday chart, above: since Q was born, Jupiter has traveled from its conjunction with the Sun in early Scorpio to 22° Sagittarius, within two degrees of Saturn’s 24° Sagittarius position when Q was born! So again linking this second birthday and its New Moon to when Q was born.

Jupiter and Saturn are social planets, that connecting the short-cycled personal planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars) to the long-cycled collective planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). As intermediaries, they inhabit and interweave the workings of society, providing twelve year cycles of Jupiterian expansion and opportunity and 30 year cycles of Saturnian focused structured form. Jupiter expands, Saturn constricts. Jupiter is generous, Saturn stern.

I find it breathtaking that Saturn and Jupiter should have been so precisely connected via conjunctions both at the start and now, at the two year birthday, which happens to be a New Moon, of Q. What does it mean? You tell me!

Also, the natal chart of Q showed a 2°11 Aries Ascendant with propulsive Mars on the Descendant at 3°. Two years later, Mars (with a two year cycle) is again traveling through Libra, and its squares with both Saturn and Pluto are the astrological correlates of the dramatic events occurring down here below. The second birthday of Q, on this New Moon, features the wounded healer Chiron at that same 2° Aries degree that occupied the Ascendant when Q was born..

Libra/Aries with Mars on the descendant: I’m tempted to say that Q is asking individuals, groups, localities, regions, nations, to wake up, to take back sovereignty, at every level. And that this New Moon, which comes on the heels of an extraordinary week featuring major news events as well as, yesterday, both Trump’s announcement of the ISIS leader’s death and he and Melania being booed at a World Series baseball game in D.C.. — if that doesn’t show a wound that needs to be healed, I don’t know what does.


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  1. roseday says:

    re: World Series ‘BOO’. . . it appears that Nationals’ fans decided to get into the Halloween spirit a bit early with ‘Boo’-rish behavior that could actually strap DC area Halloween retail as it appears that ‘Boo-Hoo’ers in the lagoon may have ordered their costumes months if not years ago.

    Unexpected pre-Halloween ‘treat’ for the President as friends who reside in the DC area have shared that many in their group were so put-off by the behavior that they have ordered Astros flags and are now openly supporting Donald Trump.

    You cannot make this stuff up as the roller-coaster barrels forward in this incredible country we All call home!

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