Guantanamo: Male Navy Nurse Refuses to Force Feed Detainees

“I have come to the decision that I refuse to participate in this criminal act.”

Is this the beginning of a wave? Will conscience finally dissolve the big con that keeps humans from connecting with their hearts and each other?

I wonder: was this nurse then fired? How could they not fire him and hope to keep their torturous ball rolling? Maybe they just slammed him in with all the others, called his refusal “terrorism,” and ordered him to be force-fed when he too, refused to eat.

If so, imagine: will his former companion nurses continue to follow orders? Will they try to force-feed the one very one who showed them how to pop through the Matrix? And if so, can they look him in the eye while doing so? I’m reminded of both Snowden and Manning: how they rest clear with their consciences, and so can withstand the kind of isolation and lack of freedom that most of us fear so greatly that we keep ourselves from following the “still small voice” of our own soul’s directive.

This Criminal Act: Navy Nurse First to Refuse to Carry Out Brutal Gitmo Force-Feedings

July 15, 2014

by Abby Zimet

In the first known instance of U.S. military conscience objection at Guantánamo, a male Navy nurse has refused to continue participating in the forced and often brutal tube feedings of hunger striking Gitmo detainees, who consider the practice torture. News of the action by a reported 40-year old Latino captain came from the London-based Reprieve lawyer for Syrian hunger striker Abu Wael Dhiab, who has already been cleared for transfer and is challenging the force-feeding policy in federal court. Diab described the nurse’s gradual evolution over several months of “very compassionate” treatment, saying, “Once he saw with his own eyes that what he was told was contrary to what was actually taking place here, he decided he could not do it anymore.” At the peak of the hunger strike last year, over 100 detainees were refusing to eat with almost half being force-fed; the prison has stopped releasing numbers. The practice remains in legal limbo after a judge initially agreed it was torture and then reversed herself, with another hearing set for this summer. Last year, rapper Mos Def memorably decided to undergo it to see for himself. He didn’t last long. Watch if you can.

“I have come to the decision that I refuse to participate in this criminal act.” – the nurse reportedly announcing his refusal.



Read more here:… “I have come to the decision that I refuse to participate in this criminal act.” The

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