Growing Cities (film): “I think that the way the world is going now, we just need to grow more food.”

I would agree. And I can’t imagine anything more important than to focus on this holy holy ground! Ebola, schmola! ISIL, smylsil! I’m done, at least today, with all the stuff that’s still scaring everybody (though beginning to lose its punch, notice?) to attend instead on what we’re doing that’s productive — and fun!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Mother Earth and Father Sun are communing with us so very powerfully these days. Both feel more intensely alive than usual. All we need do is stop and feel them, and their dynamic relationship, within us and in the world around. That final eclipse of 2014 yesterday may indeed have set in motion the slow, gradual grand transformation and integration of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine into Unity.

Speaking of which, this trailer just in from Mitch. He says that as a filmmaker, it looks well done, and they are promoting community screenings.

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