GREEN ACRES VILLAGE: Solstice Dinner, Celebration with Stories — and Schubert Fantasy!

We are so blessed! On every level. First of all, during these long rainy weeks, Thursday (Solstice eve), when we do our regular Community Dinner, was NOT rainy. Also, it was NOT humid, NOT buggy, and NOT hot. Rather, cool. Exactly what we would have ordered. However, not thinking we could possibly do it on the patio after all the rain, we didn’t realize we could until just 30 minutes before the event. So young, 11-year-old Sophia (the amazing dessert maker, and Eva’s daughter) rose to the occasion, and, with podmate Justin’s help, cleaned and set up the entire patio for us. Thanks Sophia!

I was busy with a “tour” of Green Acres Village grounds for three women who had traveled here from Indy and Louisville to be with us for the evening. Two of them, Marti and Doreen, were my bunkmates during our recent Sufi Camp experience in the Ozarks. Here’s Marti and Doreen, eating:

Not sure how many people were present. Thirty? Something like that, all of whom had been warned in advance that they would be asked to give a short presentation on a plant which they appreciate, for its qualities that remind them of themselves.

And you know what? Everybody participated. One after another, hilarious, touching little personal stories of plant kingdom connection. Rebecca, who had thought this idea up as a great way to celebrate the fullness of Summer at Solstice, asked me to go first. So I rose to my feet, and said, “DANDELION. Because, first of all . . . (pause) . . . I am WILD. And I grow everywhere!” That set the tone.

But to return to the beginning of this event:

I took some panoramic pics of the assembled folks, and the food, etc. Mariella took lots of close-ups, plus some of me pointing to various places in the sky as part of my short presentation on the phenomenon of Summer Solstice. And Gabby contributed the piece de resistance: little videos of the concert finale. So here goes.


Notice the horizontal stalk in the white planter. That’s trying to be a sunflower, bent by all the rain. Rebecca tells me it will straighten itself up.

Notice the horizontal stalk in the white planter. That's trying to be a sunflower plant, bent by the rain. Rebecca tells me it will straighten itself up.


Eva, Sydney in background.


Dario and Rebecca.


These last few weeks, it’s as if everybody is vying to outdo each other on the food they bring. Way too much. And way good!



At some point, during dessert, Rebecca approached me, “Let’s go. It’s time.” Okay! So, first, as agreed, I would give a short presentation on the astrology of the Summer Solstice moment. Mariella caught pics of me, with puppy Shadow below, pointing at the sky.

“That’s where the Sun sets now, at the northernmost point of its annual journey.”

“Here’s the high overhead course it takes this time of year, giving us much more time with the sun than in winter.”

“Contrast that with winter solstice, when the Sun rises in the southeast, arcs low across the southern sky . . .

. . . and sets in the southwest.”

All this and more, delivered to an attentive audience!


We did not take pics during storytelling, except for Gabby did get this one of Sydney talking about her plant, with Jelene trying to find a pic of hers on her phone in the foreground.

Oh yes, and Mariella got this one of Andreas, trying to think of which plant would be his to tell about.

Wish I could remember all the stories. Wish we had recorded them. The entire experience, with each person standing for a minute or two and speaking his or her truth with humor and feeling, held us rapt. A wonderful way to celebrate the Sun’s work at Summer Solstice!


Dario and Andreas (Dario used to live here; Andreas still does. Dario is still a doctoral student in music at I.U. Andreas has received his doctorate and is on his way, probably to Los Angeles, later this summer) offered to play the Schubert Fantasy for us as a finale to the Summer Solstice Celebration. So we all filed over to the DeKist 2 house, because it holds the piano (found on the side of the road by Annie and dragged home.)

During the concert Gabby stood outside, looking in the window, and recorded two little videos, which capture the spirit of the occasion, with the birds chiming in. Truly a magical event.

Jim, afterwards, stunned:”Well, I didn’t expect THAT!”

“Oh just you wait,” I told him, “There’s lots more to come. Talent is everywhere. Bursting at the seams.”

We celebrate the fullness of the Sun in ourselves during this Summer Solstice season.

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