Green Acres Village life: Kiwi plant sprouting new leaves. Will they be wiped out, too?

Mother Nature is the boss. We try like hell to honor her, learn from her, submit to her authority — without complaints! But damn it! We desperately want these new kiwi leaves to be able to endure the frost, expected tonight! Yep!  29°— comin’ right up!

Here’s the kiwi now, with new sprouted leaves, and you can see the old withered ones from a month ago as well.

We love this plant, not only for its fruit, but for the way, when fully leafed, it shelters and shades the front porch.


My question: will these leaves, since they are the second to sprout this year, be “stronger” than the first? I.e., will the plant suddenly learn how to handle this type of unexpected adversity?

Housemate Dan is going to heap leaves on the roots today (along with covering vulnerable squash). We’ll see if that helps.


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3 Responses to Green Acres Village life: Kiwi plant sprouting new leaves. Will they be wiped out, too?

  1. rose day says:

    Great news for kiwi fans . . . this plant is a jewel in the ph factor of balanced health in relation to the acidic/alkaline equation in the human body and a shining star in the ‘food as natural medicine’ paradigm . . . go kiwi!

    (Fairy LEDs under lightweight cover might protect your ‘newbies’. . . good luck!)

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      It’s way too difficult to cover the entire structure, especially with the.high winds today. We’re going to wait to cover the Garden Towers (see my son Colin’s until this evening, hoping the wind will die down first, and they are way smaller and more manageable than the wondrous kiwi.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Thanks for seeing the natural medicine possibilities. of kiwi. YES!

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