Green Acres Village: Kiwi Canopy survived unscathed!

At least I think it did. Though I did wake up at 5 AM and saw that the temp had dipped to 31°. It was only supposed to stay there for two hours before moving up again. I got up to check on the leaves at around 7 AM, and. . . . YES!

Unfortunately, I can’t remember if the leaves curled up and turned brown immediately the the first time the plant put out its leaves. which then shriveled and died due to a freeze about a month ago. But I do remember when I first noticed that the kiwi was putting out new leaves again! Of course I was thrilled! That was about two weeks ago. And when I just went out to take this pic I did notice a few leaves had shriveled way up above. But that’s all. So I think we’re in the clear.

Housemate Dan piled straw onto the roots yesterday evening Maybe that did the trick?

Why does this focus on our kiwi matter so much? Because we want to learn from Earth herself how to be with her and work with her so that we may rejoin the interpenetrating web of conscious beings (intergalactic down to microscopic) that participate joyously in Earth’s natural seasonal abundance. DUH!

This kiwi incident reminds me of Permaculture Principle #1: OBSERVE AND INTERACT.

Yep, my thoughts are usually so much on the ABOVE, “in the clouds,” that I  come up short on “observation”  of what’s going on here BELOW. This Green Acres Permaculture Village  is SO very good for one such as me; it brings me down into my Taurus Moon and balances out all that fiery Sagittarian energy.

Finally. I learned how to “ground.”

First into my own body,

and only then into our dear Mother Earth herself.


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