Green Acres Village: “Just Us” gathered yesterday evening for dinner . . .

. . . and somehow, it seemed good and right that I did not take any photos of the event, which we’ve decided to do regularly, “just us,” allowing for private conversation that deepens below the usual social Thursday Community Dinners where we invite in the world. Last night, we couldn’t help but talk about how “political correctness”  has infected our culture, and how, along with the extreme divisiveness between various groups who think they’re superior to others, there’s also a real tug of war going on between the legalized forbidding of so-called “hate speech” and our first amendment right to speak one’s mind.

Andreas was particularly passionate and articulate in his views of the current political and ideological ferment, perhaps because he has just finished Dostoyevsky’s The Possessed (also known as The Devils), which accurately predicted the rise of totalitarianism in the early 20th century. It does seem that the same conditions are ripening now in the U.S. as ripened in Russia during that time before their revolution. He handed me the book to read. Damn! It’s 710 pages long! And though I’m sure I read it as a young woman, it’s probably time to read it again.

Afterwards, Rebecca suggested we all watch a 37 minute film by a Native American man with shamanic, astrological, and Jungian background who talks about this time on earth; what we are going through and can look forward to if we pay attention to both our own Intent and the Action that results.

So we did. It held us spellbound, and inspired further talk, including preliminary plans for our Solstice Ceremony at the Community Dinner this Thursday. Thank you, Rebecca!

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