Green Acres Community Dinner and BPP Circle, February 4, 2016

Note: For a fuller treatment of the BPP story telling last night, see this.

Well, it just goes on and on. We can’t seem to get enough of each other, and each Thursday evening the food just keeps on multiplying and getting more delicious.

Last night’s total: 19 people, four of them young children who, for the ears of old farts like me, kept the party at a nearly uncomfortable loud and excited roar for the duration. But it was grand fun, even so.


We’re evolving a tradition where, after the Dinner, we do some activity — artistic, musical, card games, or, as several weeks ago, salsa dancing! Last night, since I had the “lead” for this week’s dinner (the six of us in our two-house ecopod rotate), I decided to do a Baby Picture Project story circle.

I had asked that those who brought their baby pictures begin to circle up by about 8 p.m. But no! Here we were with “real kids,” so overwhelmed by their exuberant energy that there was no way we could sit down quietly to share our own baby pictures and stories! I found that contrast hilarious. We adult babies did finally manage to circle up around 8:45.

The most spectacular story came from Rebecca, who also participated in the Baby Picture Project launch. It’s a story that she told for the first time. I find it astonishing. Let’s see if I can do it justice:

Rebecca grew up in the high Sierras, from a very young age utterly at home and at one with the rocks, streams, woods, and mountains. One day, she told us, she was in the woods alone when a tree fell. Right when she was there, a nearby tree came crashing down. She dates her awakening, to self-consciousness, to the realization that “I exist” separate from everything else, to that occasion.

WOW! Her story reminded me of that old philosophical conundrum: “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does sit make a sound?”

“But I was there!” Rebecca responded, laughing.

Here we are with a group selfie (sorry for poor quality) afterwards. In order: Mariella, me, Sara, Kathy, Rebecca, and Katarina. Three of us had been at the launch, the other three were new to the BPP. (Unfortunately, another new participant in our little group, Steven, had to leave too early for the group photo.)


And here’s Kathy’s baby picture, taken in near-dark. I wondered if it would come out. Well, it did, with her crown chakra lit up. Love it!



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  1. Jean Hopkins says:

    We had a baby picture night here at Burlington (VT) Cohousing a couple of years ago and it was a time of fond memories too. We need to do it again as we have new neighbors. It’s good to meet you this way so when I visit again I might recognize you!

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