GOOD NEWS! Bradley Manning acquited of most serious charge


Amazing! This female military judge has a conscience! Sentencing follows, sometime this week.

Military Judge Acquits Bradley Manning of Aiding the Enemy

I just read through buzzfeed‘s comprehensive report —

Who is Bradley Manning

— an eye-opening story (with lots of photos) of a bright, computer-geek little boy subjected to parental abuse and school bullying, suffering from gender confusion, angst, and extreme alienation in a society that insists a slight 5’2″ “girlie” male not just be “Manning,” but “manly.”

His remarks, when wrestling with his conscience whether or not to divulge what he knew about what really goes on in war, echo those of Edward Snowden: the public needs to know about what this country’s government is doing in our name.



For my astrological analysis of Manning, see this.

Astrological Analysis of Bradley Manning: Personal Destiny, Collective Purpose

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