Giant Jupiter Hands Trump a Big Win in Deal with Mexico

I was lurking on twitter the evening of June 7th, when all of a sudden, on my twitter feed, an extraordinary tweet from @RealDonaldTrump.

Taking close note of the time, I quickly set up an astro chart for 8:25 pm EDT — oops! Should have been 8:31 pm EDT. That’s what Trump’s tweet said. But wait a minute, I KNOW, for sure, that when this tweet was first up, it said 8:25 pm. So, what to make of the change in time stamp which I noticed only the next morning?

And why, you might ask, is it important?

Well, when you set up a chart for a moment in time you want to make sure you’ve got the right moment, as closely as possible! Because this moment determines the Ascendant or Rising Sign of the chart, which moves about one degree every four minutes, given the rotation of the earth in 24 hours.

The Ascendant signifies where the entity meets the world, the persona, you might say.

That first chart had Jupiter opposed to the Sun, almost exactly on the Ascendant/Descendant axis. The second chart, however, put Jupiter on the Ascendant even more exactly, within less than sixty minutes of one degree.

I had already determined that this was the most important configuration in this chart for the signing of the agreement with Mexico. A huge (Jupiter) moment, directly opposed to and illuminating the partner (Mexico)’s  Sun. With the time stamp change, it was as if I was drawn to look at this chart, and the Jupiter/Sun axis conjunct the  east/west Ascendant/Descendant axis even more closely. As if it was saying, “Yes, you are correct; and let’s draw it in even tighter to emphasize the moment.

And of course, as my blogger buddy Laura Bruno said (I had already sent her the 8:25 pm chart), it may be that the time stamp difference will point to clues in Q 825 and Q 831. Q 825 is a “security test,” but Q 831 points to the fact that “mispellings matter.” So, Laura says, let’s look for mispellings in Trump’s tweets going forward.

At this point in today’s saga, I got pulled away by my many chores. Ate lunch, took a nap, and then returned to the computer to finish the post.  . . .

. . . . .Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute! Was it really 8:31 p.m. or was it 5:31 pm. Because this afternoon I just went back to check Trump’s tweet on twitter one more time.  And it says 5:31 pm. HUH? Did I read it completely wrong, with a three hour difference? And did Laura read it wrong, too?

I was having a very hard time taking that in, as you can imagine! But then I decided to do yet one more check, this time to see when it was reported in the news. Right away, I came upon Fox news, and it has the original tweet, for 8:31 pm!

U.S. Makes Deal with Mexico on Tariffs, Immigration, Trump Announces

Here’s a screen shot of that Trump tweet as reported by Fox News.


So, why does the stored tweet on twitter now say 5:31?


Needless to say, for those familiar with astrology, the chart for 5:31 is not nearly as significant as the one for 8:31. At this point, I grow suspicious that someone in the Trump entourage likes to troll astrologers! And at the very least, whoever it is, doesn’t want us looking closely at the 8:31 pm chart, since it does give such a huge hello to giant, generous, large-hearted, fortunate Jupiter, at 19°49 Sagittarius directly on the Ascendant (the point on the east) at 20°30 Sagittarius. Less than 60 minutes of one degree separates them.

Here’s the 8:31 pm chart, the original chart (except for the 8:25 chart):


See Jupiter on the Ascendant.

Now notice that the Sun in this chart, which gives the day, June 7, is at 16°58 Gemini, directly across from Jupiter and nearly on the Descendant. Planets near the Descendant signify the partner. I would call the Sun in this chart, the signifier of Mexico, our partner in the deal. And BTW, that Sun moves one degree a day, so since June 7th and on through June 10th, it will be more and more exact in opposition to Jupiter.

In this chart, Jupiter, of course, represents Trump. Not just because of his huge, generous, fortunate self, but because transit Jupiter on June 7 conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun and North Node, and opposes his natal Moon. Thus Jupiter, crossing over Trump’s Sun, gave him this humungous victory, and the original signing of the tweet at 8:31 (or 8:25) pm on June 7, made that abundantly clear!

In my original email to Laura, I said this:

Notice that I originally noted the tweet as 8:25 p.m. As you can see, there are plenty of other configurations going on, and not all of them so “lucky.” Indeed, we are in for quite a ride in the next few weeks. More on that later.

One further note to this chart: slow-moving Neptune during this time, at 18°40 Pisces, closely squares both Sun/Ascendant and Jupiter/Descendant, to create a tense T-cross. Neptune squares can indicate deception, confusion. No wonder there was confusion in me over what was going on, and no wonder deception was at work, someone pretending that the tweet was actually sent at 5:31 pm, when the Jupiter/Sun combination was not on the Ascendant, rather than at 8:31 (or 8:25) pm, when that powerful combination was on the Ascendant.

Here’s Styxenhammer666 on that day’s  remarkable achievement, which I found via Kauilapele.

BTW: I would also ascribe the workings of deception via Neptune to all those leftist commentators who are either trying to make light of the Mexico agreement, or to say it’s a travesty of some kind with Trump the bully lording it over Mexico. Yada yada.

P.S. Jupiter will make its closest approach to the Earth this coming week, largest in the sky on Monday night.




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3 Responses to Giant Jupiter Hands Trump a Big Win in Deal with Mexico

  1. James says:

    That 3 hr time difference could easily be a minor code flaw in the code that rendets the twitter web pages. Given the sheer volume of data that moves through that application, it isnt out of the realm of possibility that after a certain amount of time, tweet data is no longer consodered “fresh” and is migrated to a different database/store somewhere else on the twitter cloud. Might be in a different time zone and timestamp conversions could have a minor bug affecting display time.

    Could be something else more nefarious, as you suggest, but its always good to consider other possibilities…

  2. Kieron says:

    So, there’s nothing of substance to 8 years of rightist commentators making light of, or screeching hysterically about, every damn thing Obama (or anyone associated with him) did or didn’t do? Like the tan suit– horrors! Or Michelle’s bare arms– scandalous! (Melania’s bare arms during the London visit? well meh, crickets), or the umpteen hissy fits by all and sundry over far more serious matters?

    I could go on all day long about who did whart, but the point is, were you making the same observations about rightists during the Obama years? Probably not.

    I’ll acknowledge Trump’s outlier (pun intended) presence in the political field of today, that the name is no accident, that he’s upending the status quo, yadda yadda yadda, but travesties abound, across the board, no matter which of “the two parties” (ha!) is “in power,” and there is no escaping culpability.

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