Geopolitical Analyst F. William Engdahl reviews the fates of Empire — past and present

Empires always collapse. And the cause of collapse, for the past 5000 years, is internal rot. Usury. Corruption. Like now, as detailed in F. William Engdahl’s new book, The Lost Hegemon: Whom the Gods Would Destroy.

This may be the most valuable and comprehensive 44 minutes you’ve ever devoted to both understanding and contextualizing the many facets of what’s been going down in this world. And as Engdahl says, we’ve got to realize that we’re in a trance, that we are mesmerized by the fake power of a death cartel which has taken control of our government. All we have to do is wake up! Reject both NWO candidates demogogue Trump and “not human” Clinton. Create third parties, fourth parties, whatever! “The American people need to rediscover the good in us,” and once we do that we will create other solutions. Millions, billions of solutions.

Hmmm. No mention of Bernie Sanders. Why? Is he too decent? Is his history too consistently devoted to the common good to be taken seriously as a politician and possible leader? Indeed, that “Bernie the Good,” both his history and his current continuous call for political revolution, may demonstrate exactly the kind of person and expression Engdahl says we need to remember that we are?

“We have to believe in the good in us, and then project that outward.”


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