Geo-engineering, and me: or, just who owns the sky, and why

I’ve gotten into the habit lately of checking the weather on my iphone each morning, it’s just been so very weird. Sometimes 30-40° drops or raises in temperature over literally hours. Then there’s the weirdness of named storms: the latest called “Janus.” Then “Polar Vortex” . . . OOOOOOOO . . . . so scarey, sends chills up my spine. I bundle up more, quickly peek outside. Puppy Shadow won’t even walk when it’s too cold, and that’s his favorite activity!

The weather channel itself is pretty strange, all the scary graphics, weird fonts, not to mention the words. Let’s just check it for this morning. Hmmm. Pretty average, actually.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.43.50 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.42.51 AMScreen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.43.26 AM

Yawn. An average day.

Wind outside gusting. Currently 19° and heading towards 21°. But: tomorrow’s high will be 7°, with lows at -8°. Tuesday likewise. Huh? Again? That will be the third time this winter that I’ve had to heat the greenhouse.

The whipsaw continues, outside and inside. Inside me. I veer towards “normal,”, then just as suddenly my psyche swerves back down, contracts into that “chilling effect” of fear, so played up by news broadcasters and news headlines, and rightly pointed out by David Wilcock in his latest post.

Hmmm. Then I remember something that caught my eye at the time, though I tried to ignore it. Something about the weather channel having been bought up by some corporation. I did wonder at the time, why do they want the weather channel? Hmmm. What was that? Googled “who owns the weather channel” and came up with this:

That was back in 2011. Googling further, here’s a weather underground article from one year ago that hits the nail on the head.

We’re all gonna die brought to you by the weather channel

The Weather Channel is no longer a meteorological reporting channel with elements of entertainment. Now they are an Entertainment and Fear network with elements of meteorology. The coverage of this storm and others has been all about drama and fear. The first bad sign was the naming of storms.

I guess the next question might be, just which corporations engineer all the chem trails and — here’s a new one — chem bombs — that infect our skies and make it so we simply do not see normal clouds anymore. That’s over.

As we prepare for spring planting season, what perils lie ahead? What can we count on, if anything, from Mother Nature, or has she been so obscured and compromised that all bets are off.

Breathe, Ann, breathe.

Yesterday, I attended a meeting of a long-running environmental organization in Bloomington. At some point I went on a rant that I no longer remember details of, but it ended up with, “So they can keep us in fear.” One participant asked, “But why would they want to do that?” (Her question shocked me. Made me realize that even people who have long championed environmental awareness are clueless about the apparent pathological malevolence that infects a certain segment of society which, unfortunately, happens to be the one in charge.)

“Because we’re a lot easier to control” — I responded.

Dead silence.

I think of the jackrabbits that we teenagers used to see in the headlights of our cars, while joyriding through southern Idaho desert nights. The rabbits would get “caught in the headlights” — and freeze.

Some of the boys had guns. They would use this method to pick them off. Yuck.

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