Garden Tower Project on PBS: Watch Sunday 10:30 AM EDT

Joel, left, my son Colin in center, with PBS interviewer.

Joel, left, my son Colin in center, with PBS interviewer.

Remember the day PBS came through and filmed my son, the Garden Tower inventor Colin Cudmore, and his two co-founders Joel and Tom, for four hours?

Garden Tower Project to be featured on PBS!

Well, the results are in. Here’s what the guys put on their website and fb page, today.


Happy Friday everyone!! For those who weren’t able to tune in to PBS to watch our segment on their new series, START UP, you’ll ALL be able to catch it online this Sunday morning! Hear the inspiring story of how Garden Tower Project began, while our founder Colin battles an allergic reaction to bee-stings, and the production crew narrowly avoids their equipment being drowned by a freak afternoon rainstorm. All in a good days work!

The episode can be viewed: Sunday, October 6th, 10:30 AM Eastern Time at


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