Garden Tower Project Kickstarter keeps climbing! Only five days left.

I admit it. I’m absolutely gonzo over my son Colin Cudmore’s Garden Tower Project, its latest kickstarter campaign that has only five days to go. Can’t believe how the money to fund the project by making it possible for people to easily grow their own food just keeps climbing, climbing, especially in this collective wintry atmosphere of doom, doom that besets most of the alternative media these days, so much so, that, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I can barely manage to post anything at all. I seem to be stuck here, inside myself, as the rat tat tat of awful news whizzes by. To the point where, I wonder if I should continue this blog.

One of the blogs that I’ve paid attention to all along is called And you know, as of November 13 this blog seems to have quit the scene, if the last three cryptic posts (all just visuals) are any indication. While I miss it, I also admire the classy way that they bowed out, if indeed they did.

Meanwhile, life here, locally, is humming, in lots of different ways, including juicy interpersonal conundrums that we are working through with as much compassion and mutual understanding as we can muster. Each of us in our own way, coming together to listen to each other and realize, once again, that the heart of any permaculture project is human communication and caring. Without that, everything goes “off.” We are in this together, folks, and we need to bless that fact, and bless all our difficulties too, they are the juice that powers heart and mind expansion.

So, let’s see now, the last time I looked at the Garden Tower Kickstarter project, it said they had raised just over $270,000. That was early this morning. Where are they now? Wow: $272,997. With 855 backers. That’s at 10:48 am, 12/2/2014. Wonder where it will be when YOU read this.

The New Garden Tower — Kickstarter

Only five days left. If you want one or more Garden Towers, best to order them now, before they have to jack the price up to meet retail expectatations.

And BTW: you can donate to give towers to schools as well. This product has many many applications. And I know my son. Besides being an extraordinarily talented designer and original thinker, he’s also naturally geared towards helping people. His plans once this project is well grounded are nothing short of miraculous. And he’s my son! The little one who, at age three asked me: “Mom, which is more real, my dreams or yesterday?”

Colin has answered his own question.



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  1. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    If you think you don’t have space to garden, now’s your chance. This new version of the Garden Tower makes several key improvements over the old model, which I own. Seriously, folks, food prices are already going up (or sizes going down for the same price), and with the California drought, this trend will only continue. The Garden Tower Project offers a way for anyone with 2 x 2 feet of sunshine to grow their own food. In fact, with the capacity to rotate, this model may even require less sunshine, as you can turn it to provide plenty of sun for all the plants. Filled with the right soil mixture, the Garden Tower Project goes a long way to helping even apartment dwellers with a balcony move towards greater self-reliance and food sovereignty. Many blessings and happy growing!

  2. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    I finally ordered my Garden Tower and very excited to receive it. Thanks to Laura Bruno for reminding me, with her post on this. Laura was the first one who alerted me to the Garden Tower when they first came out and I had wanted one then, waited too long, forgot about it, but now was able to grab one of the new Garden Tower 2’s with the upgraded improvements including the ability to rotate to catch the sunshine.

    There’s only today and tomorrow left as I post this – 35 hours now and not many left at these great prices – to take advantage of this empowered way to grow your own food no matter where you live. As Laura says, all you need is 2 x 2 feet of sunshine to grow your own food easily.

    I’m quite the explorer and need my life to be efficient, easy, and simple. I spend a lot of time outdoors, but don’t have that much time to garden, so this is the perfect way I can still enjoy getting my hands in the dirt and growing my own love-infused food. So can you!

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