Garden Tower now shipping!

My son Colin Cudmore’s invention, the Garden Tower, which continuously self-fertilizes by producing its own compost from worms and garbage, is now in stock and shipping. Just in time for Christmas orders! Also, their website states that the first 100 customers receive half-price shipping. Here’s the statement they put out today on their facebook page:

We are officially shipping Garden Towers anywhere in the Continental United States!!!

As a small company it has been a challenge toget favorable pricing from large shippers and we have finally decided to absorb a large share of the shipping cost. For a limited time WE WILL SHIP EVERY TOWER ORDERED, FOR ONLY $249.00 + $40.00 SHIPPING!!!! That’s right we will pay the difference, no matter where you live!!! (In the Continental United States)


I can personally vouch for this remarkable product, which grows food about 30% faster than usual, doesn’t need much water, keeps all the fertility it produces, requires no weeding, is just right for patios, porches, greenhouses, solariums, tiny yards — and utterly perfect for those who never again want to get down on their knees to garden.

YES! Go Garden Tower Project!

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