Garden Tower helps 88-year-old woman continue to garden

When my Massachusetts son Sean and his family visited last week, we talked about the immense wealth of down-to-earth skills and knowledge held by Sue’s Mom Esther, now 88. An organic gardener all her life, she is now, unfortunately, crippled with arthritis. When Sean, Sue and the kids left after their visit here in early January, they hauled one of my son Colin’s Garden Towers —


— back to Ohio as a Christmas present for Esther.

When Sue and Sean left here for Ohio this time, they asked Esther to pose with her Garden Tower. Though embarrassed, and reluctant, she did, after touching up her ever-present bright red lipstick. P.S. the nasturium flowers are edible.


Here’s what Colin and his partners Joel and Tom said about Esther and her tower:

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.27.49 PM

And here are a few more towers, planted this summer:


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4 Responses to Garden Tower helps 88-year-old woman continue to garden

  1. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing! Gillian

  2. laurabruno says:

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    So inspiring! If we still had very limited gardening space, I would totally be getting one of these Garden Towers. Who knows? I still might. I thought I’d share this post here, though, since I hear from so many would-be gardeners that they “don’t have enough space” to grow food. This opens possibilities for many– young, old and space compromised. Cheers!

  3. ohnwentsya says:

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    Thank you for posting this. Beautiful on every level!

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