GANG Garden: Children’s Workshop!

On a hot Saturday afternoon, June 23, neighborhood mothers, a grandmother, and their children convened in the cool canopied seating area of the Green Acres Neighborhood Garden with Stephanie, Alexandra and Stephanie, the wonderful trio of young university women who are directing the GANG this growing season.

This was our second annual children’s workshop, and this, the second year that sweetly painted pottery shards have now been placed in unexpected corners of the garden landscape. The goal is, as Stephanie says, “to invite the little people in: the little children, and the little faeries, leprechauns and other elementals” who, she says, “she’s pretty sure are here now!”

Here are a few photos from that day.

Careful! Not too close!

Under grandma’s watchful eye.

Maggie and her little one. On the “watering team” two years ago, Maggie has decided to rejoin the team this summer. YES!

And here’s the completed “set” of shards, framing a poor little flower garden that we just planted and that is suffering in the relentless heat (five weeks now, without any significant rain in climate change heat . . .).


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