Galactic ships visible at night? In the midwest, look directly up; in the east, look to the 10-11 pm position . . .

Despite my reservations about channeling, frankly, this Linda Dillon channeling got me excited. And I will certainly be looking directly up this evening on my around-the-block walk with puppy Shadow after dark. Please, if you see something, let me know!

Ashtar: Acknowledgement of our Presence Need not Take Months . . . Only Minutes

August 14, 2012

by Steve Beckow


SB: Thank you, Ashtar. Before we begin, I’d like to ask you two initial questions. The first is why the galactics chose not to appear during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, and the second is to tell us anything you can about the alleged 150-mile-wide Andromedan ship that is supposedly visible in the southwestern skies of the Pacific coast of North America and over Australia.

A: We did not choose to interfere or to make our presence known in any way in a showy kind of fashion during the Olympics. Our presence was noted on several occasions, but it was not to interfere with what is considered to be a global event of great joy in which many take huge delight, and it was not a situation where we felt that our presence would be welcomed. So it really is as simple as that.

SB: All right.

A: Was it an opportunity where we could let our fullness of our presence be known? Yes. But it would not be viewed as welcoming or unoffensive or neighborly. It would have been considered as interfering in a closing event where a great deal of effort and a number of people have gone to great trials to make it a pretty event. And so that is why we have chosen not to display, or “show up,” as you have called it.

SB: Okay. And the 150-mile-wide Andromedan ship — can you tell us something about that, please?

A: It is a lovely ship. And yes, it is making its presence known, as are many different ships, actually. So it is visible not only to those in Australia and the Pacific, it is being seen in various places. And there are a number of ships of that size that will be showing up in your night sky so that people are getting used to the idea, more used to the idea.

There are a number of very large ships that are making their presence known, part of the various fleets that are being positioned around the Earth, around Gaia, around your globe, so that the presence of objects, shall we say, in the night sky is becoming more apparent. So it is simply part of a very subtle reality that we are introducing into people’s consciousness.

SB: And can you tell us where people might look to see these other ships that will be positioned?

A: On the east coast, you can look towards the east, northeast sky between twelve and one o’clock, and you will see what appears to be like an egg-shaped ship, white in color — again, another Andromedan vessel. And it is … if you are thinking about looking at the sky as a clock, it would be about ten or eleven o’clock.

In the midwest, it is directly, what you would think of, overhead. This is a ship of the intergalactic fleet. There are a number of them also appearing. This one tends to have a bluish hue, and the positioning is more early in the evening, so that you cannot mistake it, though, for the evening star or the early stars of evening. But it is directly overhead as if you have to tip your head back. If you were in Kansas or Iowa it would be a matter of looking directly overhead in the early hours of the evening. You do not have to wait towards the midnight sky.

If you are in the southern hemisphere you are already witnessing the Andromedan ships as well. And there is a number of increases simply in the number of ships that are de-cloaked or making themselves available to be spotted by the naked eye, not the size of these massive vessels, but certainly very clearly visible, particularly what you think of as red … rainbow ships — red, green, blue, yellow — as well as the egg shaped.

And we emphasize that because it looks tubular, but it is curved on the ends. So it is as if you have an egg on its side, not up and down.

So, we are doing this as part of our mission and purpose, to simply show up more clearly for people to become acclimatized, and to do so in a way that is not fearful, simply to notice what is there and what has never been seen or observed before.

SB: All right. Thank you. We have four and a half months left to go before Ascension. Many people are wondering what can be achieved in so short a period? Can you discuss Disclosure from this vantage point, Ashtar?

A: Well, Disclosure as you know it and as I have spoken about it, both through this channel and other channels, has already begun. And what you are seeing in the night sky, and some of you even in the daylight sky, and what you will be seeing in the daylight sky, is becoming more and more undeniable.

There is agreement both on our side and with you, with what you think of as your political leaders, that the appearance of the ships and the acknowledgment — which is far more important than the appearance of any ships, by the way — it is the acknowledgment of our presence and the acknowledgment of our presence in a peaceful, collegial, helpful way. That type of acknowledgment only takes a few minutes, you know. And it is being done in a variety of ways.

But also know that once that has taken place, then your entire planet, your entire collective psyche, your understanding of how things work and your position within the universe and within the planet, begins to shift. It does not take months, and it most certainly does not take years.

And we know that we try to not give you any false expectations. But we have full anticipation, let us put it that way, that it will happen, still, within the summer months, within the height of summer.

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