As the G20 meets in China to further flog the terminal cancerous “growth” economy . . .

. . . we who know better realize that there’s no such thing as infinite material growth on a finite planet.

So. Will we, can we, as a species, veer 90° right or left from the cliff — and then paddle like mad! — before it’s too late?

Well, for starters, how about you, how about me? What am I doing as an individual right now to degrow my own economy — voluntarily? And by that I mean, what am I doing to disturb my long-standing “comfort zone”?

How is my imagination engaging fearlessly in activities that commune with and encourage the creative wealth of nature (including my own untapped nature)?

Let’s face it, the only alternative to the untrammeled imagination of the individual in communion with nature is the “normal” mass mind, where we sink into the fearful poverty-consciousness evoked as — more and more and faster and faster — fiat money sucks up to the tiny tippy top.

The change of direction for humanity, starts right here, inside me.

Why the degrowth debate Is gaining momentum



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