Full Disclosure Time? National “Exopolitics” Office just ahead?

Exopolitics-Department-logo-300x300Is it game-changing time? Is this what the upcoming six-pointed Star of David in the heavens July 29th will portend?

Yes. Do pay attention to this enormous, and very interesting essay from Preston James published by Veterans Today (thanks to jhaines6 for the pointer) that ties together — correctly or not — all sorts of intel re: “aliens,” various whistleblowers and researchers, and various false flag events with nefarious shadowy folks that still supposedly run the world and who are according to the author, fast losing their grip — mainly because of the internet.

Secret Space War V: Exopolitics


“Your best bet right now is to assume that unless a nuclear WW3 ensues shortly, full and complete disclosure is coming soon to America and Washington DC and a new US Office of Exopolitics will be set up to deal with the massive and far reaching changes that will occur. Stay tuned, exciting things are just ahead . . .”

Here’s Michael Salla, of exopolitics.org, his perspective on the above article:

US To Create Exopolitics Department To Run Alien Affairs According To Insiders

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