FULL CIRCLE: Light Shines into the Underworld of Our Human Shadow

As the ultra-political focus on immigration policies — including history, appearances and realities — heats up, the issue of human, and especially child trafficking emerges from its murky underworld depths to the light of day.

Any number of “current events” seem to be triggering this rising awareness, for example:

Then, there’s this:

“Where are the girls?” child trafficking feared as DHS can’t say where immigrant girls are being held

And, to get a sense of how trafficking works, not just across the border, but within this country, see this, including a claim that chosen children are catalogued before they are snatched, and that others are auctioned off, in their underpants, branded.

There is simply no way to explain all this away. Our children, across this good earth, are being sacrificed to the evil practices of a tiny minority of people. They have the rest of us buffaloed, due to the fact that good people can’t believe that other people would commit such horrendous acts.

Oh? Well, how about the millions of people, including children, sacrificed in America’s wars? We know about that, right? But do we really grok what is being done in our name?

And what might that have to do with the desire to emigrate to the U.S. from those crowding our southern border?


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