As the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn continues to unsuccessfully try to clamp down, squeeze, force, deep primal aliveness inside Saturn’s manmade containment, of course, it fails. In fact, Fukushima “containment” has  always been a joke. Radioactive contamination of that aliveness is leaking, gushing, sinking, into the waters of the Pacific Ocean, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Pluto trumps Saturn.

Now we see that Japan is lifting the subsidies for the 160,000 forced to evacuate after the 2011 tsunami ruined the TEPCO nuclear plant, in order to pretend to “normalize” the situation before the Tokyo Olympics, coming right up.

Fukushima Radiation and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Meanwhile, as of four years ago:

Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire Pacific Ocean and It’s Going to Get Worse

But guess what? Like all of us, I’ve basically “forgotten” about Fukushima. It’s just so much more horrific and long lasting than any of our petty day to day concerns, whether personal, political, economic, etc. Let’s face it: nuclear contamination from Fukushima is the big Elephant in the Planetary Living Room. It just stands there, humungous, overshadowing everything. We gingerly thread our way around it, forgetting that those giant pillars are actually legs.  Me too. I successfully drove Fukushima from my awareness. Why? Because the reality of the nuclear contamination is just so endlessly horrendous that if I  continued to hold it in my awareness I would shrivel into an ancient, snarling Greta.

Meanwhile, do you realize that nuclear power plants are always built on the shores of water — lakes, rivers, oceans — because of their enormous cooling needs to handle waste water discharge? Imagine what would happen with a serious earthquake in the U.S. Here’s a map of nuclear facilities.’


Except for refusing to eat fish that comes from the Pacific Ocean, I’ve basically turned away from this basic, underlying nuclear contamination of this beautiful planet.

Two nights ago, I happened upon this update by Jeff Rense and a guest who has been following the Fukushima contamination and extinction of ocean species traced to the 2011 “incident.” I dare you to listen.



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  1. Rachael Carlson says:

    So….click on the link to Fukushima and the Olympics, and you get a 404 message. But rather than the familiar ‘Page Not Found’ it says ‘This is not the page you’re looking for”.
    Let’s consider that for a moment.

  2. Thank you for your truthful reports!
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