From paranoia to paradise, moment by moment

When the so-called “lone wolf” Colorado shooting went down, I wondered when the next one would come. One week later: Wisconsin. This time, the so-called “lone wolf” was a veteran. Aaah, so this is how “they” will try to ramp up the police state, with staged “random” psyop shootings, closer and closer together . . .

Then, this interesting post, from Activist Post:

DHS Says Lone Wolf Extremists Will Carry Out More Violent Attacks

Especially demonized: white supremacists and veterans. Ah . . . so now the corporate state doesn’t just to offer up our young men and women for combat in senseless wars everywhere, “we” are to also blame these young beings for manufactured hostilities after they return home. What a perfect way to sacrifice some of the “senseless eaters” of the young generation.

The Corbett Report fills us in on how the FBI foils its own plots:

American Terror Created by the FBI

Let us wake up to this abomination while simultaneously remembering to love each other, no matter what. Every day, in every way. With a smile, or a nod, or simple eye to eye contact, the direct glance connecting one soul to another, we can wake each other up.

Let us wake each other up. Over and over again. Let us feel that expansion and lift of the heart as it sings its joyous song. Let us lift the hearts of our family, our friends, and neighbors — and especially strangers we meet on the street, or in line at the grocery store, or the credit union, the clerks, the construction workers, the mailman . . . all of us, all together, going through this eye of the needle of massive, global transformation out of manufactured hell into the ease of paradise, on Earth.

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  1. Indeed DHS is on your case. Here are the noted trends in DHS as of this morning:
    — DHS has promoted it’s new image maker within its ranks as of last week. The old is out, the new is in. Let us pray for him, that his image makeover of DHS means Average Joe’s liberation, not subjugation.

    Things that still bother me about DHS image:

    (a) They could be replaced by a crew of 5 smart IT-techies in a secure warehouse associated with mail room notice delivery and email routing, internally.

    (b) They just ordered “another” 750-million rounds of 40-cal. hollow point ammo, the apparent 2nd order of this size. 40,000 rounds apparently are urgently needed by the weather forecasters at NOAA. What DHS does not yet realize is NOAA appears to be the seat of the breakaway government entity actually committed to truth and openness. They probably plan to defend themselves against DHS, NSA, and CIA. And you think I’m kidding.

    (c) They never cover what’s really important because they do not actually do anything or investigate anything, they just engage in the effort of appearances.

    —- not one DHS report that all the shooters (Gabrielle Gifford, Aurora, Sikh’s Temple) all had deep military connections. H-mmmmm is that actually relevant!

    —- not one DHS report of radio active releases registered on multiple monitoring stations in southern Michigan, after reported large explosion, followed by multiple reports of military grade choppers flying towards the epicenter of the event heard for miles. Health Departments all over Pennsylvania are handing out free Potassium Iodide pills.

    H-mmmmm is that actually relevant!

    —- ignore mentioning the helpful phone-app that files in proper format an automatic complaint form with photographic or video evidence of grouping or other seeming TSA violations. H-mmmmm is that actually relevant!

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