From #EatTheChildren to #EatTheShadow

Note: See yesterday’s post.

I was in the midst of my daily practices (yoga, chi kung, tai chi) late yesterday afternoon when it suddenly occurred to me that the hashtag #EatTheChildren, which had been trending all day, and which made me wince, was an exact echo of what is actually going on, re: pedogate and worse: satanic ritual abuse, child sacrifice, adrenochrome, etc. Even during my first wincing glance, I had suddenly groked that connection, but then just as suddenly blinked it out. Why? Too awful?

But why is this more awful than the news about pedogate and worse that I have been posting on regularly? What, for me, made it “closer to home,” so to speak? I really don’t know! Perhaps it’s just that, at this point, I simply can’t stomach any more awfulness?

So how then, must “normies” feel who have yet to get red-pilled on the sordid, vile corruption that underlies politics, religion, media, Hollywood, sports, and much else? I feel for those who simply can’t stand to know. Who simply must keep their sanity. Have I  now joined them, reached my limit?

At some point, prior to putting up yesterday’s post, I had also noticed that LaRouche Pac had taken credit for the event that featured the “crazy woman” standing up in the audience at an AOC event, and labeled it a “troll.” But, I wondered, even then, cui bono? Republicans? Democrats? Both? Neither? Rather than spell out what might be the possibilities, and likely they are various, and conflicting, and maybe all true! — I just decided to ignore the claim that the “crazy woman acting out” at the AOC event had actually been a troll. So much of the crazy weird machinations, the continuous confusing explanations of events, leaves my poor rational mind in the dust! Is that because I’m 76 years old? So that my mind, already so perilously fractured by trying and failing to “follow the news,” has now splintered into a million pieces and cannot be put back together again? Perhaps. In any case, one of my astute readers, Tony, succinctly commented on the obvious possibilities of this assumed troll (and who, it seems, was synchronistically writing his comment during the exact time I was doing my daily practices!):

So is this done to mock those who know the truth; or is it done to bring this into our collective minds so we face it directly? Again: as you point out here, it’s an either/or situation and BOTH can be true.

Even weirder, an emailed comment from Laura Bruno, whose sharp eyes and personal background made her say this:.

Is anyone else mentioning this? Or am I just showing my nerdy English Major side? As soon as I heard of that hashtag I thought of Swift and his frustration to get anything done. Finally he turned to satire as a way of getting through to people. If you post you can use my name. English Major references are fine by me. Maybe it’s obvious and already has been said, but in case not.

But, a persistent question, is satire possible in an era that has forced extremes of thinking and feeling and behavior to the surface? Is satire even possible now? Search “satire in the age of Trump.”  Lots of posts. Leftists try to satirize Trump; how about Trump satirizing others? It can run both ways.

But what’s the difference between satire and trolling? Here’s one reddit thread on the subject. Briefly: trolling tries to fool the audience; satire assumes the audience agrees.

Notice, all these questions come in because we can no longer automatically distinguish between “truth” and “falsity.” Or maybe I should say, between “real” and “fake” news.

But were we ever able to distinguish them? Or have we always been played by whatever programming we have, usually unconsciously, allowed in, and neglected (or never even thought about) doing the long, continuous, slogging work of processing our own stuff, i.e.,  doing shadow work, checking our own inner lives for new or old unnoticed or denied attitudes and beliefs and prejudices that focus our outward attention in only particular directions and thereby create, instantly, all those projections on to one person or situation  that we then proceed to blame or judge.

My favorite definition of Crone: “She who eats her own shadow.” Let’s hope so! By my age, if we have not begun to eat our own shadow then we end up calcified, reactive, habit-bound, and unable to respond — to WHATEVER!

Here’s an AK Reader piece that I did on Personal Processing, sometime in the early ’90s. Published it somewhere, where? So much remains to do in my personal “Recapitulation Project!”

And check this out. Instructive.

Buddhism for Vampires: Eating the Shadow

“Haunted,” by Penny Mathews






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