From 3D to 5D: Who is the Wizard of Our Oz?

Let us collectively intend that Trump does extradite Assange — not for further imprisonment, but for him to testify concerning the nasty, treasonous business that is slowly being declassed to the public now.

As Qanon has cryptically remarked, several times, with reference to Assange: “We have. the source.”

On the other hand, remember, as Q also warns us, “disinformation is necessary.” Because,  of course, the bad guys are also looking at Q drops. So who knows what’s really real? In any case, I do trust this higher dimensional 5D chess Wizard.

And BTW: re: Trump’s so-called “morbid obesity”: I just saw somewhere that he wears protective gear under all of his regular clothes, and that the number of attempted assasinations against him have been unprecedented. So WIZARD, yes. And WARRIOR.  See yesterday’s post.

P.S. According to Magenta Pixie, and, as I recall, the Law of One series, there is still polarity in 5D, only it’s not “Good vs Evil,” as in 3D, but “Light/Love” and “Love/Light.”

My tentative  interpretation of 5D: Unlike in 3D, where we need to choose either Good or Evil with every crossroads we reach, when we live in 5D there is no need to choose between Light and Love, between Truth and Compassion. The two exist together, always,  in 5D; so that whichever one shows up is always infused with the other. In other words, punishment, revenge, eye-for-eye. justice, so seemingly necessary in 3D in order to balance the scales, does not exist within 5D, since Love/Light and Light/Love are, each of them, already balanced, and together they expand to create the 5th Dimension.

From a 5D perspective, the RARE ones who choose to play the role of (“service to self”) Evil are utterly necessary so that all souls involved have ample opportunity to learn the lessons of the 3D game. I.e., in the 3D dimension on Earth, without Evil, there would be no need for Free Will, since everyone would automatically be and do Good. (“service to others”).

It appears that this 3D game is to continue until everyone involved recognizes that Free Will must be respected in a world where Evil is a temptation.

Re: the Matrix: How’s this for a red pill/blue pill: Bi-Polar Truth infused with white (LIGHT), that when swallowed, unites we who are mentally polarized Left (Blue Pill) and Right (Red Pill) into LOVE. YES.

Image. thanks to American Intelligence Media, their newsletter for today, May 20, 2020.

In short, love him or hate him, no matter how much his seemingly buffoonish presence and his often crude divisive repetitive language appear to increase the polarization between “good” and “evil,” Donald J. Trump is The Man for this climactic hour in the history of human civilization, and I, for one, am intensely grateful for both his service and his sacrifice.

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2 Responses to From 3D to 5D: Who is the Wizard of Our Oz?

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Why oh why does POTUS continue to surround himself with the likes of Slaoui, Fauci, Birx, and Mayfield?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Either that question has a 5D answer, or Trump is blind or stupid. And I don’t think he’s blind or stupid. It will make sense later.

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